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Rust-Oleum Graffitishield™ Nano

£90.30 + VAT
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Product Description

Permanent anti-graffiti coating based on NANO technology. Ideal for frequent cleaning.

GraffitiShield™ NANO technology
Rust-Oleum is using the benefits of chemical NANO-technology enhance its anti-graffiti assortment even further. The result is a transparent coating with unique features and benefits.

Quick-working (less than 24 hours), single-coat system, 3-8 years effective life (50 to 75 rounds of cleaning), very thin coat thickness, easy to apply, extremely economical in terms of cost per square metre.

GraffitiShield™ Nano is especially suitable for surfaces requiring durable protection against graffiti and for which a high aesthetic quality is very important. Suitable surfaces: untreated and coated metals, stainless steel, and full core sheeting.

• Self-cleaning properties
• Graffiti will not adhere
• 1-coat application
• Very low film thickness (12μm)
• Effective for 3-8 years
• Very economical (price/m²)

Dense substrates like plastic, synthetic material, foil, plexiglass, bare/coated metal, stainless steel, metal cladding, etc.

Preclean with GraffitiShield™ NANO-PREP

Graffiti Cleaning
Use GraffitiShield™ CLEANER

Coverage: 15 - 25m2 per pack (500ml)
Drying Times: Tack-free: 10 hours
                     Dry to handle: 12 hours
                     Fully cured: approx. 7 days
Application: Brush, Roller or HVLP Spray

All substrates can become subject to a graffiti attack. Cleaning graffiti directly from the original surface can be difficult or even harmful to the substrate.

The alternative is to apply a transparent anti-graffiti coat onto the surface that needs protecting. Such a barrier coat is easier to clean and even offers protection against UV, dirt build-up, carbonation and wear.

Based on this concept, Rust-Oleum introduces the GraffitiShield™ range. A condensed assortment of functional anti-graffiti products for various substrates and conditions that are easy to use and easy to clean. In other words, saving time, money and worry.

Please download and carefully read product datasheets before application

Downloads & Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet
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Please download and carefully read product datasheets before application