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     3M Paints: Science. Applied to life.

3M Scotchkote Industrial Paint and Coatings

3M Scotchkote products at Rawlins Paints. As a science-based company, 3M are leaders in their market at producing a large number of imaginative and creative products to suit their customers' needs. This covers health care and office based products, through to highway safety and adhesives/abrasives. 3M Scotchkote provide technological and product solutions for rail infrastructure (including the London Undergound), roof protection, water and pipe coatings, assorted engineering repair products, as well as chemical and corrosion protection. Epoxy primers and coatings are among 3M's biggest selling products at rawlinspaints.com, including the two component EA9WB waterborne high-gloss and semi-gloss topcoat.

Well-known for their merging of Thistlebong, Thortex and Copon under the Scotchkote brand, 3M products cover a wide range of resource to an ever-growing consumer market. Become a 3M customer today at Rawlins Paints, home to industrial paint solutions at fantastic online prices.

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