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Additives and Aggregates

At Rawlins Paints we offer an extensive range of additives and aggregates which are designed be added to compatible paints and coatings offering additional properties or features for selected products.

These useful and convenient additional products include anti-slip aggregates, curing accelerators, adhesion promoters, anti-mould additives, decorative flakes and more.

We make buying specialist paint easy. Our technical team are always happy to help if you require assistance with any aspect of your project and to ensure compatibility of additives or aggregates. Please contact our Technical Department on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected].

We also offer application specific additives for use with floor paints and other repair materials - please click below:

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HMG Acrythane Glass Adhesion Additive

HMG Acrythane Glass Adhesion Additive is an additive to improve adhesion of selected coatings to glass. Designed to improve the adhesion of HMG Acrythane SC601 and XSC21 to glass substrates More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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HMG Brushing Additive A1257

HMG Brushing Additive A1257 is an additive designed for alkyd enamels. Designed to aid the brushability and wet edge time More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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HMG Inflex 2 Pack Flexibiliser

HMG Inflex 2 Pack Flexibiliser is an additive designed to give greater flexibility to HMG Acrythane 2K products. Doesn`t comprimise any performance characteristics The product aids the use of HMG Acrythane 2K materials on flexible plastic substrates More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Technispray C425 Retarder

Technispray C425 Retarder can be added to single pack, solvent based Kolorbond paint to slow down drying times. Very useful when spraying large panels or spraying large areas on site, the increased drying time allows the sprayer to keep a wet edge. It is also known as Technispray K2 Retarder and it may be added to Technispray Kolorbond K2...

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Technispray KolorFlow

Technispray KolorFlow, for use with Kolorbond Aquatek to avoid leaving brush marks or to keep a ‘wet edge’ on a warm day. Stir in 10% of KolorFlow (maximum 20%). This will slow the drying of the paint and assist leveling. The addition of KolorFlow also assists when spraying in hot weather.

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Technispray Kolorbond K2 Accelerator

Technispray Kolorbond K2 Accelerator is for use with Kolorbond K2 and the brush grade version Kolorbond DecoPro, two pack PU coatings which can be applied directly onto a variety of substrates including uPVC, metals, GRP and hard plastics. K2 Accelerator is used to accelerate the curing process of Kolourbond K2 and Kolorbond DecoPro when...

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Tikkurila Temamatt

Tikkurila Temamatt is a matting paste used to flatten the gloss of Temalac FD 80, Temalac ML 90, Duasolid 50 and Temadur 90. Easy to use additive. Note: Temamatt Matting Paste will reduce the viscosity of certain products. Click to jump down to Technical Data **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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N-Virol Suretherm Goodbye Mould Paint Additive

N-Virol Suretherm Goodbye Mould Paint Additive is specially designed to be added to emulsion paint which can then be applied to walls and ceilings which have been suitably cleaned and prepared. This product will stop grime/stains from mould caused by condensation. Easy application - Add 100ml to 5 litres of standard emulsion paint and mix...

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Fosroc Conplast UW

Fosroc Conplast UW is an underwater concrete admixture used to minimise washout of concrete placed underwater. When added to concrete, Conplast UW produces a gel in the water phase which surrounds the cement particles and other fine components of the concrete mix and protects them from excessive washout both during placement and once the...

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Cromar AlphaChem Integral Waterproofer

Cromar AlphaChem Integral Waterproofer is a liquid additive specifically designed to improve water resistance in concrete and mortar for use in applications where this is a necessity. Enhances water resistance in concrete and mortar Improves plasticity and workability of mortar mixes Do not pre mix with other admixtures Do not use in...

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Cromar AlphaChem Mortar Plasticiser

Cromar AlphaChem Mortar Plasticiser, otherwise known as Pink Mix, is a pink coloured liquid admixture used in bricklaying and plastering mortars. Enhances workability and freeze thaw resisitance in sand and cement mixes Reduces the likelihood of cracking and crazing Super strength pink formula Complies with EN934-3 (2009) Pink colour...

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Eagle Tixal

Eagle Tixal is a polymeric thickener, which has been especially developed as a liquid additive for Eagle Ultraflex polyurethane liquid membrane. It enables the use of Ultraflex on vertical or sloped surfaces, giving thixotropic properties. Additive for Eagle Ultraflex membrane to apply on vertical or sloped surfaces Prevent slump of the...

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