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The benefits of sealing paving or flooring with a quality sealer from AdSeal are self-evident, longer lasting good looks, lower maintenance - stains just wash away, and your paving & flooring will look better and last longer.

 AdSeal Imprinted Concrete Sealer maintains and could even increase performance life of surfaces, as it virtually eliminates grass and weed growth in any joints and reduces routine maintenance. This can yield significant ‘whole life’ cost savings. Its unique formulation makes it easy to apply and achieve an even, uniform, and seamless finish with increased impact and abrasion resistance.

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AdSeal Colour Pigment

AdSeal Colour Pigment can be used to blend in faded or chipped areas by adding a small amount to AdSeal Imprinted Concrete Sealer. The amount added can be chosen to either add a subtle tint or to completely obscure. Can also be used to colour plain concrete Available in 6 standard colours More Information Delivery Info

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AdSeal Compact Sprayer

AdSeal Compact Sprayer is an ideal starter sprayer for the contractor or for the DIYer. Ordinary garden sprayer can't be used for resin as it clogs them and damages the seal irretrievably within minutes. AdSeal Compact Sprayer has 'Viton' seals and solvent resistant hoses which allow for use with resin products. Gives excellent results and...

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AdSeal Imprinted Concrete Sealer

AdSeal Imprinted Concrete Sealer is a hard wearing, high solids blend of UV stable MMA polymers suspended in aromatic hydrocarbons designed to seal and protect Pattern Imprinted Concrete (also known as ‘Stamped Concrete’), dries quickly to a tough, glossy finish. It protects, preserves, colours, hardens, enhances and can also be used on a wide...

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AdSeal Low-Slip Additive

AdSeal Low-Slip Additive is designed to be mixed into AdSeal Imprinted Concrete Sealer. The additive is designed to be invisible when mixed correctly. One pack of low slip additive per 25 litre can of sealer Can be used for brush, roller or spray application using the AdSeal Compact Sprayer More Information Delivery Info

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Adseal Solvent

AdSeal Solvent is a pure, highly effective, solvent and emulsifier. Use to clean tools and equipment An excellent re-emulsifier for AdSeal Imprinted Concrete Sealer In the event of moisture clouding simply spray on and watch it disappear Useful for ‘dry’ cleaning those odd stains on application day to avoid the use of water Supplied in...

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AdSeal Surface Cleaner

AdSeal Surface Cleaner is a proven, industrial strength, yet gentle, degreasing solution that effectively cleans soiled surfaces and can be diluted with water depending on the strength needed. The Water-based formula provides an economical, effective cleaner that removes grease, oil, adhesive, floor polish, transmission fluid, release agent...

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AdSeal is a family owned and run company with over 45 years’ experience and expertise, trusted by the trade, architects, and surveyors. They have become the UK brand leading manufacturer in paving and flooring sealers, and have earned an enviable reputation for quality, service, and value for money.

Why Trust AdSeal?

  • A family owned and run company with over 45 years experience & expertise
  • Products independently tested and approved
  • Traditional, personal service and excellent value for money
  • In house Research & Development for market leading products that really work
  • Best quality products and best value – guaranteed