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A range of aerosols that include aerosol primers for various surfaces, aerosol paint topcoats to finish items with a professional look, specialist aerosols for specific uses such as Rust-Oleum NeverWet and LeakSeal and finally technical sprays for industry. Aerosols can be really handy and efficient for certain projects and we like to offer a wide range to complement our normal paints and coatings. Sometimes they can be ideal for touch up projects where something has been painted off site and then during installation on site things are damaged and need re-touching, other times the items are only small that require painting and don't require a large amount of paint and aerosols can be a way to get a really nice finish on something, then there are the instances where a special effect or finish is required for one of projects and throughout our aerosol range we have some excellent specialist finishes, finally our technical sprays can be used for lubricating and cleaning industrial components and equipment.

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