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CLEARANCE - Axalta ViterClad 50 Finish

Axalta ViterClad 50 Finish is a two pack recoatable polyurethane finish specially formulated for the maintenance and repainting of architectural cladding, especially recommended for the maintenance of Corus Colorcoat HP200 and HPS200 cladding. Available in 350+ colours Expected system lifetime up to 15 years (depending on exposed...

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CLEARANCE - Bradite One Can

Bradite One Can is a quick-drying primer/finish coat in one can, with excellent adhesion, stain blocking and anti-corrosive properties. Suitable for use over most properly cleaned and prepared commercial wood, uPVC, glass, plastic and metals. Manufactured under the auspices of an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004. Advantages Available in...

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CLEARANCE - Bradite Industrial Degreaser

Bradite Industrial Degreaser is an aqueous alkaline low foaming detergent used for degreasing contaminated surfaces prior to painting. Ideally suited for degreasing oily or soiled surfaces and for removing road dirt. Manufactured under the auspices of an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004. Advantages Biodegradable in general use...

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CLEARANCE - Bradite Pre-Treat Galvanised Steel

Bradite Pre-Treat Galvanised Steel is a mordent solution used as a pre-treatment for galvanised steel, to provide a key for all paint primers and finishes. Easy to use solution; clean up with water after use. Advantages British gas reference BGC MO1. Department of Transport Item NO:155. ISO 9001:2008 ISO 140001:2004 1 x 1l available...

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Anti-Climb Paints

Anti-vandalism paint (also known as non-drying paint, anti-climbing paint, anti-intruder paint and anti-vandal grease) is a specific type of security paint, used to deter people from attempting to illegally gain access into buildings by scaling walls. 

What makes it a deterrent to would-be intruders? Anti-theft paint essentially remains forever slippery, long after application. The thick, oily coating should be applied with a trowel, a stiff brush or with your hands (obviously while using protective gloves) and gives a smooth, gloss-like finish. As it remains sticky and slippery to the touch, anti-climb paint prevents people from gaining a foothold on the surface, and therefore deters them from getting into the building or area.

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Blackfriar Professional Anti Climb Paint

Blackfriar Professional Anti Climb Paint is a thick, non-drying coating for parapets, downcomers, pipes, window sills, fencing and walls. Deters potential intruders by making surfaces virtually unclimable, whilst marking hands and clothing. An effective deterrent. Product Features Pigmented petroleum wax. Slippery, non-drying finish....

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Coo-Var Vandalene Anti Climb Paint

Coo-Var Vandalene Anti-Climb Paint will help to protect your property from intruders with a slippery, sticky, non-drying coating. A thick single pack non-drying product of sticky nature, providing a slippery surface. Contains a hidden identifier, making it ideal for any investigations against the accused intruder. The aerosol product is...

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Coo-Var Vandalene Deterrent Signs

Coo-Var Vandalene Deterrent Signs are an excellent way to deter potential intruders from attempting to gain access. The signs clearly show that Vandalene is being used on the premises to make climbing and gaining access via illegal means extremely difficult.  Excellent deterrent Easy and economic to display Available in A4 or A5 sizes...

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Coo-Var Vandalene Anti-Climb Paint Aerosol

Coo-Var Vandalene Anti-Climb Aerosol (coloured paint version available here) is a thick, single pack, non-drying aerosol coating of sticky nature, providing a slippery surface. It contains a hidden identifier, making it ideal for any investigations against the accused intruder. For use on: Window ledges Down pipes Walls Gutters...

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Britannia Anti-Vandal Paint

Britannia Anti-Vandal Paint is specially formulated to deter vandals and trespassers by coating certain structures with a slippery non-drying coating. Ideal for structures that may be used as a grip point for unauthorised access. Advantages Soft and slippery deterrent Non-drying Black in colour

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Tor Anti-Climb Paint

Tor Anti-Climb Paint, a thick, non-drying paint for parapets, downcomers, pipes, walls, fencing, etc, that makes surfaces virtually unclimbable, deterring would-be intruders, burglars and vandals. Lightly pigmented Petroleum Wax Anti-vandal coating Coats hands and clothing Apply 1 coat by stiff nylon brush or lambswool mitt Only apply...

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These non-drying, grease-like coatings can be used as anti-climb protection on anything from lamp posts, parapets, boundary fences and roofs to walls and fences. As an added advantage, these anti-burglar paints leave marks on anything – and anyone – that comes into contact with them, so it can help to identify intruders after the attempt.

Anti-climb coatings and paints continue to work in all sorts of weather conditions, and excessive heat or cold don’t impede their efficacy. Remaining effective for around three years, most types of anti-vandal paint will then need to be assessed and possibly re-applied, depending on the local environment.

To keep the general public safe, burglar paint is generally applied only above a certain height – 2.4m above ground in most circumstances. This is to protect people but also because it’s particularly effective when an intruder climbs a certain distance and is then stopped in their tracks by a band of anti-burglar paint.

At Rawlins Paints, we have a variety of vandal proof paint and anti-climb security coating products in stock. We also stock signs and posters that should be used alongside the anti-theft coating as an added deterrent to would-be intruders.

Anti-Climb Paint

These anti-climb security paint products are referred to as ‘anti-climb grease’ by some people, but are, in fact, specifically formulated oil-based paints.

Blackfriar Professional Anti Climb Paint is available in three colours: black, tile red and tile green and is a thick, non-drying coating that can be applied to concrete, plastic, metal or wood surfaces. As with most security paints, it makes surfaces pretty much impossible to climb while marking the clothes and hands of anyone who comes into contact with it.

Coo-Var also offers its own non-drying anti climb paint with Vandalene. Ideal for protecting your property, business, gardens or any other area from the threat of intruders, Coo-Var Vandalene is an anti-burglar paint for fences, window sills, walls and much more. Leaving a sticky coating that is permanently non-drying, Vandalene can be used anywhere you think could be used as an access point into a building or area under protection. With a semi-matt finish, it’s available in red, grey, green and black and can be used to guard against theft. Coo-Var also has a hidden identifier within the make-up of the paint that can later help police identify intruders.

Anti-Climb Spray Paint

We stock one variety of anti-climb security paint that can be applied as a spray paint. Coo-Var Vandalene can be bought as an aerosol anti-burglar spray paint, but only in black. It displays the same properties as the paint described above, and also contains the identifier that could help identify anyone who has been in contact with your building surface.

Deterrent Signs

Also by Coo-Var, we stock Vandalene Deterrent Signs that should be used alongside the non-drying paint as an added warning. These no climb products will help greatly in protecting your building, whether it’s a commercial holding, factory, fence, post, gate or your residential property. The signs clearly show that Vandalene is being used at the premises and that anyone who does attempt to gain access illegally is likely to have their clothing marked and stained with an identifying ink that can be traced by the police for weeks after their break-in attempt.

For more information on anti-theft paints and coatings or to find out which product is ideal for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Technical Team.