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Anti-Slip Floor Paints

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The importance of preventing slips, trips and falls in public areas, whether in the workplace, public thoroughfares, hospitals, schools or any other environment where people pass through, can’t be underestimated.

There is a legal requirement for floors to have enough grip for people to walk safely, in all conditions, whether wet or dry.

Anti-slip paint, non-slip paint, anti-slip coatings, exterior floor paint and non-slip coatings are among many treatments that can be used to make surfaces safe for pedestrians and workers. Whether you need to treat interior or exterior wood, metal, concrete or asphalt, there are cost-effective products in our portfolio to help.

Interior Anti-Slip Paint and Anti-Slip Coatings

501 Anti Slip Floor Paint makes a textured surface for interior floors. For use on large floor spaces that experience high levels of public use, such as factories, hospitals and stations, it produces a rough, textured surface that comes already mixed. It gives an anti-skid surface and has excellent grip properties for both foot and light vehicle use.

502 HD Anti Slip Floor Coating is for use in areas that need a heavy duty non-slip floor coating. Perfect for factories and warehouse floor paint, for areas that have fork lift trucks and vehicles as well as foot traffic. It can be applied in one thick coat and incorporates an anti-slip aggregate to provide the non-slip properties. It can be applied on wood, concrete or metal.

Specialist Non-Slip Floor Coatings

Jotun Jota Armour has been developed as an anti-skid floor finish for walkways, ramps, weigh bridges, decks and helidecks – anywhere where it’s vital that there is a need for non-slip outdoor surfaces. Jota Armour is abrasion resistant and is a polyamine cured epoxy coating. It gives excellent non-slip performance in all sorts of conditions, including wet, oily and icy.

A winter grade version of Jotun Jota armour paint is available with Jotun Jota Armour WG. It allows faster curing in cold temperatures. Jotun Jota armour paints are available in a range of colours to match any surface necessary and can be used as a dependable deck paint. 

Anti-Slip Paint for Metal

Rust-Oleum SuperGrip Treadsafe is a non-slip paint for metal, stone, wood and concrete and can be applied in just one coat. The epoxy resin anti-slip coating is hard wearing and can withstand heavy traffic and harsh chemicals, making it an ideal warehouse floor coating.

Coo-Var Anti Slip can also be used on metal, as well on wood, concrete and other specially prepared surfaces. Coo-Var Suregrip is an aggregated floor coating that comes ready-mixed and provides a raised, rough surface to ensure safety. It can be used inside or outside and is ideal for wheelchair ramps, decks, warehouses and any other industrial or domestic use environment. It’s a good option among a range of marine anti-slip floor products. 

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