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Anti-Slip GRP

When it comes to anti-slip flooring solutions, excluding non-slip floor paints, Rawlins Paints’ extensive range of anti-slip GRP products have you – and your steps, stairs, floors and building entry points – covered. From pre-formed glass reinforced plastic stair tread covers to stair nosings, and decking strips to flat plates, we stock a concise range of quick and easy to install products for temporary or permanent solutions. An ultra-durable quartz grit surface will provide exceptional slip resistance in wet, oily and icy conditions both internally and externally at locations where electricity, chemical and corrosive substances, or heavy loads are regularly near.

To complement our full range of anti-slip solutions we offer a completely free cutting service for all our anti-slip GRP products, allowing our customers to install products quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption. In addition to our cutting service, for a small charge we can pre-drill and countersink fixing holes and provide a selection of industrial strength adhesive and fixings where required.

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Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers

Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers from Rawlins Paints are designed to cover the entire stair and provide a firmer grip underfoot. Our Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers work well in wet, icy or greasy conditions and can transform tired looking staircases whilst minimising the risk of slips, trips, and falls. Designed for easy installation onto...

Price £16.03 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Anti-Slip Stair Nosings

Anti-Slip Stair Nosings are easy to fit and help highlight the hazardous leading edge area of the step. This is the ideal product if you are looking for an affordable solution to minimise the risk of slips, trips, and falls in the workplace or in your own garden. Not only does stair nosing add an extra anti-slip surface underfoot, but it also...

Price £4.79 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Watco Firm-Step GRP Edge

A virtually indestructible, anti-slip GRP step nosing for interior and exterior steps and stairs. Ultra-tough GRP won’t warp or split, oil and chemical resistant Chamfered back edge minimises trip hazards - high visibility nosing DDA compliant – highlight step edges Glue or screw fix into place Note: While great care is taken with...

Price £70.65 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Anti-Slip Flat Plate

Anti-Slip Flat Plate is a range of low profile 4mm thick, anti-slip sheeting suitable for installation onto existing concrete, timber or steel substrates. These plates provide and extremely cost effective solution and help rejuvenate worn, slippery and tired walkways, access ramps, gangways, bridges and industrial floors internally or...

Price £95.48 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Anti-Slip Decking Strips

Please Note: Due to supply issues from the manufacturer, only Yellow 50mm strips and Black and Beiege 100mm strips are currently available. Anti-Slip Decking Strips provide an easy to install solution that gives timber a non-slip, weatherproof surface. Tough & resilient against extreme weather conditions, these strips are designed to...

Price £2.90 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Stair Riser Plates

Stair Riser Plates by Rawlins Paints are designed to complement our Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers, to be installed to the rise of the stair case, and allow the concealment of worn or scruffy concrete, or simply to prevent objects falling through the open area of steel or timber staircases. Simply glue & screw to the existing substrate...

Price £15.89 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Anti-Slip Tactiles

QuartzGrip Anti Slip Tactile Flooring comes in a variety of designs to suit various applications. Tactile Flooring, or Tactiles, are flooring tiles for internal and external hazardous areas such as the top of a staircase or the edge of a railway station platform. Changing the surface from flat to tactile denotes the hazard. Warns visually...

Price £15.89 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Anti-Slip Infill Decking Strips

Anti-Slip Infill Decking Strips are specifically designed to be fit into timber decking boards that have been rebated to accommodate the depth and width of the strip. Tough and resilient against extreme weather conditions, these strips are designed to overcome environmental causes of slippery wooden areas such as water, moss, algae &...

Price £4.20 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Watco GRP Decking Strips

Wooden decking and ramps can be hazardous in the wet or become slippery with algae in shady or damp conditions. Damp, slippery timber can be made safer instantly using Watco GRP Decking Strips. Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) strips come in two textures, medium and extra coarse, bringing security underfoot on unprotected decks. They are...

Price £12.51 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Watco Anti Slip GRP Treads

Ultra tough GRP for added grip on heavily trafficked steps. Excellent anti slip properties, even in the wet Won't warp, swell or rot Instant safety solution Free cut to size service More Information Delivery Info

Price £11.46 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Anti-Slip GRP Ladder Rung Covers

Anti-Slip GRP Ladder Rung Covers are sold by the length and can be cut to set size free of charge, they provide the ultimate in ladder safety, effective traction on worn or slippery ladder rungs. The durable Quartz Grit surface improves slip resistance in Wet, Oily and Icy conditions. The enlarged surface area reduces the risk of slipping by...

Price £7.14 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Watco Firm-Step Precision Step Covers

A modern aluminium anti slip step cover for heavy footfall areas. This premium stair tread combines aluminium with anti slip resin inserts for an aesthetically pleasing stair tread cover that offers exceptional durability with a contemporary finish that will blend in with modern design. 15 year guarantee against breakage 55mm DDA compliant...

Price £155.57 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

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Need Help?

What is GRP?

GRP is the abbreviation for Glass Reinforced Plastic – sometimes known as fibreglass, composite plastic, or FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Polymer). GRP is a very strong and durable material that is light and versatile for all your health and safety requirements.

The fine fibres that make up GRP are strands of glass that are woven together, creating a ‘new’ flexible fabric. For products including stair nosing and flat sheets, they are moulded to shape. The high anti-slip properties which GRP products offer come from its aluminium oxide aggregate surface – delivering safety underfoot when you need it most.

The GRP surface is resistant against peeling back, cracking, splitting, or the anti-slip aggregate coming loose from the product surface. Stair nosing, GRP flat sheets, stair covers and non-slip GRP stair treads all offer excellent colour retention – which is essential for improved visibility on stairwells, low light external environments and on fire escape routes.

Anti-Slip Flooring – Stair and Floor GRP

All anti-slip plates and covers are constructed from extremely robust materials, and anti-slip access ramps’ maximum weight load (or strength to weight ratio) typically exceeds normal requirements – please refer to product datasheets always for exact specifications, installation guidelines, and maintenance support.

So, if you require a chemical and corrosion resistant, highly durable, lightweight, anti-slip solution for your property or work premises, browse the full range of

  • Anti-slip sheets for internal and external use
  • Small or larger square foot anti-slip flooring options for disabled access and fire escape points
  • GRP flat sheets to protect worn surfaces at busy entry points and unloading bays, for example
  • GRP decking and exterior anti-slip decking cleats
  • Anti-slip landing covers for temporary, permanent, new-build or renovated stairwells and access points
  • Brightly coloured anti-slip step edges for staircases found in:
    • Shops and supermarkets
    • Warehouses and storage facilities
    • Nightclubs
    • Restaurants and cafes with toilet/changing room facilities on upper or lower floors to the main dining areas
    • Footbridges
    • Fire escape routes
    • Office block stairwells
    • Residential housing blocks
    • Factory and related industrial mezzanines
    • Exterior stairs to vantage points at sewage and waterworks’ facilities
    • Temporary steps and stairs at building sites
    • Etc.
  • Stainless steel and multi-purpose step covers
  • Flat plates for worn, slippery and tired concrete, timber or steel substrates
  • Stair riser plates to compliment anti-slip stair tread covers
  • Non-slip and anti-skid convex decking strips for outdoor areas around water-features, for example
  • Portable or fibreglass threshold access ramps for wheelchairs, hospital beds, trolleys, floor cleaning equipment, storage and warehouse wheeled cages, etc.

Non-Slip Outdoor Flooring

Regardless of the season, in the UK there is a constant demand for anti-slip outdoor flooring solutions. From retail estate outdoor areas at camping and gardening centres, to exterior smoking areas in the workplace or at dining establishments, anti-slip decking sheets grow in demand year-upon-year, as a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing anti-slip measure to meet health and safety requirements.

These weatherproof covers can prolong the lifespan of the underlying decking structure, and ‘mask’ any discolouration and fading on large, exposed areas.

Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers

Stair tread covers are cost effective ways to manage damaged, worn or slippery stairs in indoor or outdoor areas. Typically, black in colour, with yellow stair edges, these covers can be fixed into place on concrete, timber or steel with glue and/or screws.

Many Rust-Oleum’s anti-slip solutions are DDA compliant (Disability Discrimination Act 2005) with the contrasting noising to the stair tread cover significantly improving visibility – providing safe and durable access points at high-footfall industrial, commercial and public stairways.

Non-Slip Surfaces at Rawlins Paints

As one of the UK's Leading Independent Suppliers, Rawlins Paints can offer the highest quality products, at some of the most competitive prices. Our anti-slip GRP solutions provide unparalleled performance for a wide range of surfaces including concrete, metal and timber.

All our products are available directly from stock and in most circumstances standard orders can be supplied on a 24hr delivery service. We have comprehensive installation guides, cleaning guides, test reports and product data sheets readily available.

Our products are manufactured from corrosion and rot resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic (Fibreglass) to provide inexpensive solutions to the hazards associated with worn or slippery areas. The surface is an integral hard-wearing Silicon Carbide that provides exceptional slip resistance in wet, oily and icy conditions tested to BS7976-2 (2002).

Designed for interior or exterior applications, easy to install onto existing concrete, timber or steel surfaces and are available in a range of attractive colours. Extremely weather resistant, requires minimal maintenance, fire resistant and prolongs the service life of all surfaces.

Surface preparation is minimal, simply glue, screw or clamp into place and the surface is ready to walk on almost immediately, reducing down-time.


  • Durable Corrosion & Weather Resistant Construction
  • Excellent Anti Slip Surface (BS 7976 - 2 - Pendulum Co-efficient of Friction Test)
  • Fire tested to BS 476 ASTM-E-84 Class 1
  • Ideal for Wet, Oily & Icy surfaces.
  • Easy to Install. Simply Glue & Screw Fix. - Minimal Down Time
  • Cost Effective
  • Assists Conformance with DDA Legislation
  • Low-Maintenance