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Rawlins Paints stock a range of self-adhesive anti-slip tape, anti-slip treads and anti-slip tread rolls, complete with cleaners, primers and edge sealer. Available in a range of colours, they provide an instantly safe surface for steps, ramps, floors, vehicles, boats, etc. Anti-slip tape has the advantage of being cost-effective, where whole staircases and walkways can be made safe in minimal time, for very little expense. Anti-slip tapes do not require any specialist application other than following the recommended uses in product datasheets – laying the tapes on clean surfaces and applying pressure to ensure that the tape sticks down/adheres to the surface/substrate well. To prevent water getting underneath the tape from around the edges, we also offer a preparation cleaner for hard, smooth surfaces, a primer for porous surfaces, and an edge sealer for wet environments to maximise the long-lasting anti-slip properties of a product.

Anti-slip tapes are a small section of the full anti-slip product range available at Rawlins Paints online, which includes non-slip paints, stair treads and nosing, anti-slip decking sheets, and more. For further advice or product recommendations when researching and buying (or installing) an anti-slip floor system, please contact Rawlins Paints’ technical support team.

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Anti-slip floor paints are available for interior and exterior use, and include clear tapes for wet-areas – washrooms, shower facilities, changing rooms, etc. High-visibility step and stair tapes can be used as temporary measures to mark public or restricted areas at open and exhibition events, helping you meet health and safety requirements for footfall traffic, or to compensate for weather conditions.

Dependant on the depth of the anti-slip surface wanted, you may benefit from choosing one of Rawlins Paints’ self-adhesive anti-slip roll or tread products. The anti-slip roll is easy to cut to size, and provide added safety underfoot for extended periods on stairs. It isn’t, however, just steps and stairs that these products can be used on. Many customers buy them to mark out crossing areas in warehouses and in public areas – like a zebra crossing. Quick to apply, these new anti-slip measures can be walked on immediately after application and installation.

Areas that anti-slip tapes are suitable for – dependant on the product used – are:

  • At sports complexes and swimming pools
  • Workplace change rooms and wash (wet-room) facilities
  • Walkways
  • Ramps
  • Mezzanine stairs
  • Improved underfoot grip on steps
  • Seasonal anti-slip improvements around entry points to shops, warehouses, offices, nightclubs, schools, etc.
  • Pedestrianised areas at car showrooms and exterior forecourts
  • Decking areas
  • Garage and repair centre floors
  • Emergency staircases and fire escapes
  • Apartment staircases
  • Dark-rooms, science laboratories and other related educational facilities
  • Commercial kitchen floors
  • Walk-in freezers and food storage areas
  • Mezzanines and metal walkways in the workplace
  • On access paths in winter months
  • Hospital and medical wards
  • Laundry facilities
  • Food preparation areas
  • Loading in bays
  • Access steps onto vehicles
  • Automotive rear-loading ramp edges
  • Frequently used step ladders in the workplace
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