Anti-Static Floor Systems  

Anti-static floor paint is a business-critical, hard-wearing, industrial grade floor paint system, now available at Rawlins Paints. Thanks to excellent electrical-conductivity ‘leak resistant’ products from Sikafloor, electro-static discharge (commonly known as ESD) which can pose a threat to sensitive electronic component production machinery, or chemical substances and volatile gasses which are handled in the workplace, can now safely be dissipated. Occurring from natural build up within a standard vinyl (VCT), linoleum, ESD tile, or epoxy floor which receives light to medium pedestrian traffic, this static charge will act as an ignition source when the ‘connection’ is made between a person and a conductive surface. Anti-static floor paints act to ‘ground’ personnel and prevent static transference between contact and separation with sensitive materials via an earthing point.

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For specialist work areas handling combustible and potentially explosive materials, or electronic components – such as in television production plants – where a static charge can overload a system, electrostatic protected areas (more commonly known as EPA) can be installed using an epoxy floor coating system. Effectively, this flooring system will safely and quickly dissipate the electro-static charge into the ground before it can accumulate or build up prior to surface, component, or contact with operational equipment.

Thanks to Sikafloor anti-static systems, there are cost-effective and low-maintenance solutions available that guarantee effective dissipation of static build-up, and Rawlins Paints recently dedicated a knowledgebase post to their range.

Anti-Static and conductive flooring systems can be used at the following locations: 

  • Laboratories 
  • Computer suites 
  • Electronic assembly plants 
  • Automotive/Aeronautical departments 
  • Pharmaceutical premises 
  • Medical facilities and operating rooms 
  • Manufacturing plant 
  • Oil and chemical processing facilities

Anti-static product acronyms include, AS (anti-static) systems, ECF (electrically conductive flooring) systems, and ESD (electro-static discharge) systems.

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