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A range of application equipment to help you apply our paints and coatings. We offer handy application kits for floors, repair materials and general painting as well as individual brushes, rollers, mixing paddles, trowels, wire brushes and more.

Our application tools are chosen because they are good value, preferred by the trade professional, are high quality and work best with the paints and coatings we sell. Choosing the right brush or roller can have a dramatic effect on the speed and finished appearance of a project and making sure the application equipment is fit for purpose is very important.

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General Painting Application Kit

General Painting Application Kit from Rawlins Paints provides the basics for any painting project. Whether it is a one off job, or you just want to make sure the right application tools get to site. Provides an economical way of making sure you will have what you need Ideal for interior and exterior paint projects Click to jump down to...

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Repair Materials Application Kit

Repair Materials Application Kit provides everything you need to apply our repair products to floors, walls and other surfaces. It makes on site application much easier by providing everything you need to mix, prepare, apply and clean up in one handy kit. Each Kit Contains: 4 Rubble Sacks for Waste 750ml White Spirit 10" Steel Float 6"...

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Floor Application Kit

Floor Application Kit from Rawlins Paints provides all the application equipment needed to apply conventional floor paints and coatings to a professional standard. The application of floor coatings is often crucial to their performance, so it is important to use the right tools to ensure a lasting finish. Each kit contains: 12" Roller,...

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12" Floor Roller Complete

12" Floor Roller Complete from Rawlins Paints is a professional standard roller set up for application of most floor paints and coatings. This quick and easy combination means application can be carried out seamlessly to a professional finish Each kit includes: 12" Roller Frame 12" Nylon Thermobonded Roller Sleeve 2m Telescopic...

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Roller Trays

Roller Trays are made from durable plastic with ribbed interior to aid paint loading onto rollers. Our larger roller scuttles allow larger amounts of paint to be held and wider rollers to be used and come with a handy measuring scale within the scuttle. Our range includes: 4" Roller Trays - for use with 4" rollers 9" Roller Trays - for...

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Roller Frames

Roller Frames by Rawlins Paints are a range of good quality and cost effective roller frames to suit all sizes of roller sleeves. Our roller frames are a universal fit to most common roller sleeves, making them extremely compatible and easy to use and interchange. We also offer a high quality 9" Spiked Roller for releasing air from certain...

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Roller Sleeves

Roller Sleeves by Rawlins Paints are a superb range of high quality and cost effective roller sleeves and mini roller sleeve packs for most types of paint.  4" Superfine Foam Roller Sleeves (10pk): Ideal for Gloss, primer, varnish and all oil and solvent based paints 4" Solvent Resistant Medium Pile Roller Sleeves (10pk):...

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Rust-Oleum Comfort Spray Grip

Rust-Oleum Comfort Spray Grip makes spray painting jobs simple and comfortable. Its ergonomic design provides maximum control when using an aerosol paint, making it easy to complete large projects. Large, soft-touch trigger reduces finger fatigue Durable construction withstands repetitive use Snaps securely onto spray cans For Best...

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Watco Painting Kit

Everything you need to help with floor painting - See further below for kit contents. Save over £25 and get everything you need Ideal for using with Watco coatings Wash and re-use multiple times High quality tools for a professional finish Quick and easy application Created with our customers in mind Kit Contents More Information...

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SL Floor Coating Rake

SL Floor Coating Rake is an adjustable leveller for spreading floor coatings and screeds in one easy application. Ideally suited to use with any floor coatings that have good flow characteristics 600mm wide and simple to adjust Made from 1.6mm stainless steel with an aluminium pin plate holder incorporating five steel pins Easily...

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24" Squeegee with Handle

24" Squeegee with Handle from Rawlins Paints is a 24" wooden squeegee complete with 54" x 11/8" wooden handle with galvanised support stay. Mainly used for spreading coatings and screeds easily over larger areas Also ideal for removing standing water or cleaning fluids while preparing floors and roofs to paint More Information Delivery...

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Dust Sheets

Dust Sheets from Rawlins Paints are an inexpensive way to protect your surfaces from being damaged or stained by paint. Can be taped or tacked down to keep them in place Excellent quality Carefully made to ensure that paint seepage is not an issue Available in washable/reusable Poly Backed Cotton Twill, cost-effective Polythene or...

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