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Protect wooden barns, storage units, sheds, stables, chicken coops, and other wood farm buildings with our collection of paints and coatings, with 2,400+ colours from RAL, British Standard, and NCS ranges.

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Teamac Stable Paint

Teamac Stable Paint , is a fast drying, water based sealer or finish coat for plaster, bricks and wood in stables and other outbuildings. Low odour Can be overcoated or left as a finish Provides a 'bound', low reflective matt finish Click to jump down to Technical Data Coverage Calculator More Information Delivery Info

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Wethertex OT25 Wood-Flex Satin Opaque Timber Paint

Wethertex OT25 Wood-Flex Satin Opaque Timber Paint is a quick drying, high quality opaque satin finish for all exterior timber, including cladding, windows, doors and other joinery. Uses advanced Optilife silicone technology, providing long term colour stability for timber and total weather protection for up to 12 years. Good blocking...

Price £66.65 (ex. VAT)
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Tor Farm Oxide Semi-Gloss

Tor Farm Oxide Semi-Gloss is a general purpose finish with low toxicity, for use on and around farms and in farm buildings on a variety of substrates, including bare wood, steel and masonry. Modified alkyd resin binder pigmented with low toxicity pigments and extenders, thinned with low aromatic white spirit. Contains no lead pigments...

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KoverTek TekTor Acrylic Barn Paint

TekTor Acrylic Barn Paint, a specially formulated water-based coating, combining high build modified acrylic polymer resins to provide a tough, flexible and durable exterior or interior finish suitable for use on a wide range of substrates. For barns, stables, outbuildings, sheds and fences. Ideal as a decorative, protective coating for...

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Cromar Wood Treatment

Cromar Wood Treatment is a decorative wood treatment for professionals and private end-users for exterior use e.g. facades, carports, shutters and balcony railings. For use on sheds, fences and garden furniture. Should not be used indoors The stain penetrates wood easily and thereby gets into inner layers. Protects wood to a certain...

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These long-lasting finishes resist blistering, cracking and flaking, rain and severe weather, rot and algae build-up, with some products that provide a low reflective matt finish. Protecting your wood exteriors now will mean less maintenance in the future, including replacing entire sections of wood and the disruption that entails.