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Established in 1894 in Bristol, UK, Blackfriars Professional specialise in 'professional level' paints and varnishes:

  • Anti-Climb Paints and Anti-Graffiti Lacquer
  • Acrylic Floor Paints
  • Concrete Repair Mortar
  • Damp Proof Primers
  • Professional Degreaser and Cleaning Products
  • Line Marking Paint

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Blackfriar Professional Acid Etch

Blackfriar Professional Acid Etch is a surface preparation solution for use on concrete and screed floors that removes excess lime dust (laitence) which can interfere with the adhesion of floor coatings.  Product Features Hydrochloric acid solution. Etches power floated, very smooth, hard or chemically treated concrete floors to ‘key’ the...

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Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint

Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint protects and transforms floors inside and out, with an attractive, tough, durable, easy-to-clean thermoplastic coating which prevents the dusting of concrete surfaces. Suitable for asphalt and Tarmac®. Quick drying and low odour. Product Features Indoor and outdoor use. Water Based - low odour....

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Blackfriar Professional Anti Climb Paint

Blackfriar Professional Anti Climb Paint is a thick, non-drying coating for parapets, downcomers, pipes, window sills, fencing and walls. Deters potential intruders by making surfaces virtually unclimable, whilst marking hands and clothing. An effective deterrent. Product Features Pigmented petroleum wax Slippery, non-drying finish Ideal...

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Blackfriar Professional Anti Graffiti Lacquer

Blackfriar Professional Anti Graffiti Lacquer is an exterior, high performance solvent based lacquer that provides an easy-to-clean, permanent (non-sacrificial) polyurethane coating against multiple graffiti attacks. Allows problem areas to be cleaned easily and effectively. Product Features Designed to allow easy removal of permanent...

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Blackfriar Professional Anti-Slip Floor Paint

Blackfriar Professional Anti-Slip Floor Paint is an attractive, tough, durable and high opacity floor coating. Contains special aggregates for outstanding slip resistance. Useful for areas where safety is paramount, either internally or externally. Excellent slip-resistance Tough and durable coating Resists grease and oil Resists light...

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Blackfriar Professional Concrete Repair Mortar

Blackfriar Concrete Repair Mortar is a two-pack, high performance, quick hardening epoxy concrete repair mortar for damaged and eroded concrete, masonry and brick surfaces within heavy traffic areas. It forms a strong and permanent bond to concrete surfaces. Product Features Durable, non-shrinking and stronger than concrete. Ideal for...

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Blackfriar Professional Damp Proof Primer

Blackfriar Professional Damp Proof Primer is a moisture suppresent membrane for priming damp concrete floors and screeds. It helps prevent residual moisture seeping from the substrate, allowing earlier application of floor coatings. Product Features Designed to allow earlier access to concrete, screed, tile, vinyl and wood surfaces....

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Blackfriar Professional Epoxy Floor Paint

Blackfriar Professional Epoxy Floor Paint is a hard-wearing, heavy duty, easy-to-clean floor coating ideal for indoor heavy traffic areas. Excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion, while its low-odour formula makes it ideal for sensitive areas. Being water based it is ideal for use in food and drink environments and hospitals. Product...

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Blackfriar Professional Epoxy Floor Primer

Blackfriar Professional Epoxy Floor Primer is a low-odour, water-based primer that binds and stabilises friable and porous substrates prior to coating with Blackfriar Professional Epoxy Floor Paints. Product Details Water Based formula ensures low odour. Ideal for binding porous concrete surfaces prior to coating with Blackfriar...

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Blackfriar Professional Floor Sealer

Blackfriar Professional Floor Sealer clear, solvent-based, alkyd sealer. Ideal for binding, stabilising and sealing friable (loose) and porous surfaces prior to finishing with solvent based coatings. Product Details Specifically designed to seal bare and porous concrete substrates Use prior to coating with Blackfriar Professional...

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Blackfriar Professional High Traffic Floor Paint

Blackfriar Professional High Traffic Floor Paint is an exceptionally hard-wearing, high performance, easy-to-clean 2-pack solvent based floor coating ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Provides outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemicals, non-yellowing, excellent colour fastness. Product Features Resists grease, oil and solutions of...

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Blackfriar Professional Line Marking Paint

Blackfriar Professional Line Marking Paint is a quick drying, long-lasting marking paint for bare concrete, asphalt and painted floors. Ideal for factories, schools, car parks and public areas. Product Features 30 minute drying time. Solvent-based with excellent resistance to abrasion and cleaning products. Ideal for domestic, commercial...

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Blackfriar Professional Paints and Varnishes

Founded in Bristol in 1894, Blackfriar Professional produce high quality paints and varnishes for heavy duty and industrial sized jobs. Like its Blackfriar branded products, they specialise in a range of floor paints and anti-vandal products, such as anti-climb paint and their Professional Anti-Graffiti Lacquer product.

In the 1920s, Blackfriars supplied 'black paint' to the motor industry for use in heavy goods vehicle components, such as brake shoes. From these ventures, they quickly established themselves as not only a family owned company, but household names for independent craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts across the UK. Rawlins Paints stock a large number of Blackfriar Pro products.

'At Blackfriar we understand the importance of doing a professional job and this is reflected in the quality of our products. In Blackfriar Professional we're confident we've created a range of products that will deliver exceptional, lasting results you can be proud of.'

Blackfriar Pro Floor Paints

Major floor products include water-based floor sealers, anti-slip and acrylic floor paint, damp-proof primers and a degreaser cleaner, ideal for garages and high traffic floor spaces

As well as their line-marking paint coming in yellow and white, other floor paints come in many colours from the RAL colour chart.