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10 Masonry Paint Ideas That You Wish You’d Thought of Yourself

Masonry can look beautiful whether it’s left in a raw state or is painted. The problem comes when the wrong type of paint is chosen for the job! You need to make sure your exterior paint is offering your wall protection. With that in mind, here’s some ideas for getting creative with masonry paint.

  1. Dip-dye your exteriors


The dip-dye trend doesn’t have to stop at clothes, you can create an interesting look by using two complimenting colours on different levels of the building. You could even have the bottom half painted and the top half exposed for an interesting look.

  1. Natural block colours

You could choose a paint palette closer to the colour of your existing masonry, for a natural, stone look. Using one block colour can make it look professionally finished and smart.

  1. Monochrome touches


If you want to make a classic, bold statement, white block colour with black trims can look very powerful.

  1. Pastel tones

Pastel colours can make a great choice for exterior masonry paint, such as Rust-Oleum Mathys Murfill Waterproofing Coating in French Stone. Not only will this paint leave you with a stunning finish, put it also contains waterproofing and other protection properties to keep your building looking great.

  1. Bright lively colours


You don’t have to stick to natural, calm paint colours for your exteriors. If you’re feeling daring go for bright, lively colours to make your property stand out!

  1. Get stripey

If you use complimentary colours in a stripe effect, you can add an interesting element to your building. Make the stripes thick and wide for maximum impact.

  1. Use contrasting colours on ceilings


If you want to keep the majority of your exterior one colour, but would like to add a pop of excitement, look to the ceilings. If you have any porches, or window sills and so on, paint the brighter colour on the underside for an interesting effect.

  1. Be inspired by flora and fauna

If your property is surrounded by beautiful trees and plants, let it guide you to making decorative exterior choices. You could use colours that compliment the foliage such as greens and browns.

  1. Go rustic


If you want to take your building back from modern times and give it a rustic feel, try Rust-Oleum Mathys Murfill Renovation Paint in RAL 1019 Grey Beige. By using a colour such as white on the trims of the property, it will give it a charming countryside feel.

  1. Bright white


There is nothing wrong with choosing white on your masonry exterior. It doesn’t have to be boring. For example if you have a walkway or divider that could use some paint, a block white paint scheme can look very modern and contemporary

We hope you’re feeling inspired – time to get painting!

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