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10 Playground Paint Ideas

A playground should be fun, colourful and inviting. You want to hear cheerful children and happy parents in any playground. If it’s unappealing, and looks old and worn, it’s likely it’ll be left empty. Spruce it up with these playground paint ideas!



  1. Create simple games like hopscotch

Hopscotch is a classic playground game. All it involves is a few numbers and boxes on the floor! It’s one of the easiest things you can do to add a point of interest to a boring playground. Use Coo-Var Acrylic W/B Road Line Paint to create strong, defined lines that can last through many playtimes!

  1. Learn your ABC’s

A fun, and educational idea, is to paint the alphabet somewhere on the floor in the playground. You could use the same line paint we mentioned above, to create simple lettering on the floor. It’ll help the children to learn and you can create a game, by putting the letters into a grid. Kids can jump from letter to letter, learning to spell!

  1. Mark a winding pathway

Creating pathways on the floor is another easy way for a playful update to your playground. Using Coo-Var Acrylic Floor Paint, you can mark pathways onto the floor using a paint that’s perfect for foot traffic. If you want to make it interesting, add a few extra bends and winds!



  1. Create a treasure map

If there’s a patch of concrete that’s not doing much, why not create a treasure map? Using a few colours and simple lines, you can create something to keep the kids imaginations going! Rust-Oleum Tarmacoat is perfect for the job. You may normally think of a paint like this for more menial tasks like cycle paths and car parks, but why not get creative?

  1. Add a few colourful flowers

Even in winter, you can bring some sunshine into the playground. Using green, red and yellow Rust-Oleum Tarmacoat, it’s easy to add simple floral designs. Have them peeking out of the edges of the playground for an exciting look.

  1. Paint outdoor furniture bright

Just because it’s outdoors, it doesn’t mean your furniture has to be boring. Paint your outdoor furniture in bright, exciting colours to bring life into the playground. Block colours can look great if you only use a few, and can be even more fun if you create a whole rainbow!

  1. Use footprints for traffic flow

Do you want an interesting way to guide visitors through the playground? Use Coo-Var Acrylic Floor Paint to create outlines of giant footsteps throughout the area. You can direct traffic through the right path – in an interesting way!



  1. Make outdoor giant checkers

Add fun to the playground, by using paint to create a giant checkers board. It’s a simple game and the adults may even get involved too! All you need to do is paint 24 alternate squares onto the floor. Then, like the smaller board game, you can use two different coloured pieces of plastic as the pieces.

  1. Add animal prints

Help the children to learn more about nature, by painting animal prints such as cats, dogs and birds onto the playground surface. It can be an interesting decorative element and look great too!

  1. Keep it simple but fresh

If you can’t make creative changes, just make sure that the playground looks fresh and the paint looks good. By using some of the paints we’ve mentioned, you can give your playground a quick and easy makeover. A simple update could be all it needs to make it even more exciting for children!


  1. Elizabeth P Moock Perry Moock

    I am looking for a painti to paint a foursquare game on a cement playground.

    • Good morning Elizabeth.

      Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint (here) would be best for your project, as it can be missed to virtually any colour. On the product page, there is a colour picker, to show the options available.

      Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

      Best regards.


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