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10 Problems Only A Facilities Manager Would Understand

As a facility manager, you often have to come up against many problems that need quick solutions. When you’re managing several large facilities it can get even trickier! However, if you already have the solutions the problems won’t seem so bad.

Here are 10 problems only a facilities manager would understand, and some ideas on how to fix them.


1) Explaining your job

Sometimes something as simple as explaining what you do can cause problems and projects to be held up. Try this out for size: a facilities manager manages and operates buildings and provide building related services. Introduce yourself to and make sure people understand your role so everything will run smoothly!

2) Dealing with graffiti

As the facilities manager of a building anywhere, you’re likely to come across graffiti somewhere. This is something that falls on your desks, though you can fix the problem easily. Invest in some Mathys Pegagraff Hydro to protect your surface, so any annoying graffiti can just be wiped away.

3) Saving energy (and money)

Sustainability is a huge topic in every industry. It can be tricky to balance being more sustainable without compromising any business activities. You can reduce your energy output by making small changes. Really simple things like turning lights off or using insulating paints can make a huge difference and save you money over time.


4) Keeping on top of security

Keeping your building secure is of course one of your priorities. However, it can be difficult to keep everything secure. Especially if you have a tight budget to work with! Using a paint like Coo-Var Vandalene Anti Climb Paint may help you to reduce the chance of intruders trespassing on your property. Put it on your access points such as window ledges, the surface will be slippery and leave identifying marks on the intruder. Just don’t forget to apply the appropriate signage to say you’re using anti-vandal paint.

5) Managing health and safety

When you’re managing many buildings, keeping on top of health and safety can be a nightmare! There a lot of considerations, but if you make sure you implement as many preventive measures as possible early on, you’ll minimise the problems.

7) Collecting actionable data

It’s always a good idea to collect data in any role. The problem with facilities management, is that there is a lot of data to collect! When it comes to data, making sure it’s something that can be used to put certain things into action will make improvements. If you do a little research first, you’ll find there’s some fantastic tools out there to help you manage all sorts of data!


8) Looking after repairs and maintenance

With any building, at some point you’ll need to do maintenance work or repairs. A facilities manager needs to think about getting the repairs done, maintaining the buildings, without affecting the day-to-day operations of that particular facility. It’s a tricky balance! Try to do things at low traffic times, and fix them as early on as possible. The longer you leave a problem – the worse it’ll get.

9) Looking after old buildings with modern technology

Technology makes everything easier – except for the job of a facilities manager! Particularly so if you’re working with an old building. Older buildings can create problems with wiring, signal and so on. The best thing to do is to work with the building, not against it. You may have to adapt certain areas and invest in the building, but it’ll mean your technology can run smoothly.

10) Planning emergency preparations

What do you do if there is a major emergency? What if it’s something extreme like a natural disaster? This is something facilities managers need to think about. You need to make sure you have contingency plans for as many situations as possible, even if they seem unlikely! It won’t always be major though, simple things such as painting on directions to emergency exits will help in any emergency.

Don’t worry facilities managers – Rawlins Paints understands! Get in touch if you need any more solutions to problems you come across.

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