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10 Property Renovation Jobs to Tackle This Summer

It’s summer time! That means it’s time to get out and about and enjoying the weather (when the sun comes out) at work or at home. Because you’re outside more you might even notice a few areas around your property that need a touch-up. Here are our top 10 property jobs to tackle this summer.


1. Update your decking

Has your decking started to look worse for wear due to harsh winter weather? That could mean it’s about time to freshen it up! Give it a nice new finish with Jotun Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain. Choose it in a colour to match your surroundings and protect your decking from weather damage and more! Follow up by adding 1105 Anti-Slip Convex Decking Strips to the decking. These strips are weatherproof and will add extra add extra grip for extra safety.

2. Get waterproofing

If it’s been rough weather for you, you may have noticed that there are areas of your home that need waterproofing. Whilst it’s dry, it’s a good opportunity to waterproof your home. However, we know what the British weather is like. Luckily you can use the Rust-Oleum Waterproof Kit in dry or wet conditions! Use it to patch up any leaks around your property.


3. Avoid damp

Noticing damp patches? As soon as you spot damp you should look to fix it. Even if you’ve left it till now, get to it! You can quickly and easily fix the problem with Coo-Var Anti-Damp Paint. Anywhere on your interior walls or ceilings you see the signs of damp, fix it before it gets worse.

4. Clean roofing and gutters

If it’s nice out, spend some time cleaning your guttering. It might be a boring job but be thankful. Leaving standing water and vegetation to rot in your gutter will cause you serious problems! You could even waterproof it with the waterproofing kit.


5. Re-tarmac your drive

If you’ve got a tarmac drive is worth thinking about giving it a refurb. Over time you’ll find loose pebbles and cracks. You don’t need to literally re-tarmac your drive, you could just use a good sealant to make it look brand new again such as Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer. Spend some time pulling up weeds from cracks to avoid further problems.

6. Do some landscape gardening

Summer is the perfect time to get out in the garden, be creative and decorate to your hearts content! You could even paint decorative rocks so that they are really unique to you.


7. Reseal windows

If you’ve noticed a bit of a draft over winter or any leaks, definitely check you windows to see if they need sealing again. It’ll help to control temperatures.

8. Weed between paving

Is your paving starting to look a bit like a jungle? It’s time to get on your hands and knees and pull up those weeds. Clearing away vegetation will help your paving to stay put and looking good for longer. It’ll also help it to look newer. Why not give it a coat of sealer while you’re at it, Thermilate PRO Drive Block Paving Sealer is a high quality clear sealer that will rejuvenate and protect your old paving.

9. Fit energy saving lights

Over summer, you won’t need to have your lights on as much due to the sunlight. It’s a good idea to consider fitting energy saving lights around your property. This way, come winter when you’ll be using the light more in the evening, you’ll actually be saving energy. You can get great lights that automatically come on when it’s dark enough or if they sense motion.


10. Fencing

Lastly, look to the border of your property. If it’s starting to feel shabby, consider giving your fencing an update. Look for new fencing options or consider updating your old ones. You could browse our Exterior Wood Finishes for something that gives your fencing the wow factor. At the very least, for little cost you can protect the timber with Blackfriars Wood Preservative.

We hope you enjoyed these tips!

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