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10 Signs Your Office/Workplace Needs a Revamp

If you spot any of these signs around your workplace, then it’s definitely time to consider a revamp…



  1. There’s more water on the walls than in the kettle

Damp walls aren’t going to put a smile on anyone’s face! If the office is starting to smell a little off, and the walls are looking worse for wear, it’s time to think about giving them a makeover. Treat the damp and try and minimise the conditions that are causing it, and your walls will look great again in no time

  1. The kitchen is a no-go zone

If you find that people spend as little time in the kitchen/dining area as possible, it may need sprucing up. If you want to encourage staff to eat in the dining area, you have to put some effort into making it appealing. If the kitchen is starting to look grubby, consider making a few improvements. You could even waterproof the area’s around the sink, to discourage mould and make it easier to clean up after heavy use.



  1. Meeting rooms put you to sleep

Meetings need full attention in order to get results. But, if the lighting is poor, the seats are uncomfortable and the décor is dull, employees minds will wander. You need a combination of comfort and lively décor to keep people in the present. Think about adding a few framed motivational quotes to the wall to remind staff to stay focused.

  1. The stairs are last resort

The stairs need to be up-to-scratch, not just for decorative purposes but for health and safety. If you’ve any poorly lit stairwells, revamp them with some stair nosing’s. Choose anti-slip luminous stair nosings, to make sure that they stand out in dark rooms. Your staff shouldn’t be avoiding the stairs because they don’t feel safe!



  1. It’s more comfortable to stand than sit

Bad seating in offices can cause problems for employees health. Poor health means that their focus won’t be there and they’ll need to take time off work to recover! Think about your employees who spend hours sitting. Upgrading the seats could make a huge improvement to their mood.

  1. It’s an obstacle course to get from A to B

A messy office is a danger zone! If you can’t get your staff to stop leaving files everywhere, and wires trailing, you might need to re-think your office interiors. By making sure there is enough storage, and giving everything a place, it’s easier to keep it clean and tidy. Be creative with your storage solutions – you aren’t restricted to shelving!

  1. The wallpaper is starting to look sad

If the wallpaper is falling down and getting your staff down, it’s time to get decorating. You don’t have to stick to wallpaper either. Think about repainting the walls and using colourful, decorative wallpaper on one wall, for an interesting feature wall.



  1. It’s always too hot or too cold

Getting the temperature right for everyone in the office can be a nightmare. But, you could make it easier with some simple changes. Think about changing your wallpaper or paint to one with insulating and heat control properties. Also, take a look at your heating and air conditioning systems – if they aren’t working like they used to – call the repairman!

  1. The flooring looks like it’s given up

If there are many people passing through on a daily basis, your flooring might take a beating. Don’t forget about the floor, even though it’s just something we walk on every day, if it looks shabby it can make the whole building look unkempt. It may be as simple as giving it a good clean!

  1. After-work socials are very quiet

If no one want’s to stick around in the office, it could be because employees can’t wait to get out! If you decorate with employees needs in mind, they will appreciate it more. Spend more time on things that aren’t necessarily necessities, but will make your staff happier.

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