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10 Ways to Utilise Your Garage Space More Effectively

The garage for many of us quickly becomes a dumping ground, with boxes you may not have looked into for years! It might seem like a daunting task to tackle your garage, but with a few of these tips you can quickly turn it around. If you use the space more effectively you’re less likely to end up with a stockpile of unknown ‘stuff’!


1 – Declutter

Your first step needs to be decluttering your garage. If you’ve let it get a bit out of control, it may take you slightly longer. In order to make it easier for you, work systematically and rope in as many extra hands as possible. Be strict with yourself when it comes to getting rid of items, you can’t hang onto everything! Once you’ve removed the bulk of the extra items, you’ll be able to see the space you have left to work with.

2 – Make it fire resistant

If you still can’t part with all your bits and bobs, it’s likely that you may be more susceptible to fire incidents. Regardless, you should make sure you protect your garage. If you want to make it a simple and efficient process, use Zeroflame Aquasteel WB+ instead of cladding steel members in fire board. This makes what could be a time consuming and space reducing job, something quick and easy so you can get on with utilising your garage space!


3 – Use zoning

If you just want to get on with organising your garage, try using different zones to store different items. This way, you’ll always know where what you need is. For example, one zone could be specifically to store tools. It also means you can see if you have any duplicates, you could even mark the zones out with line marking paint!

4 – Make it look good from the outside

Using your garage space more effectively can also be a lot to do with how you view it. If it looks tatty and is often a target of graffiti, you may not use the space as you should. Keep any vulnerable surfaces graffiti clear with Graffiti Magic Clear Anti-Graffiti Coating. This way you’ll simply be able to remove the graffiti with a bit of water!


5 – Take advantage of the ceiling

Most garages usually have fairly high ceilings, that can be create an ideal storage heaven! Create an overhead storage unit, to free up space in the garage, and keep less-used items out of sight. This means clearer walkways, and less cluttered shelves in your garage!

6 – Use the walls too

If you’re thinking about overhead storage, you’ll be thinking about the walls too. There are lots of creative ways you can use the walls in your garage to offer more space and to feel more organised. Good storage makes a huge impact!


7 – Make over the floor

An old, long forgotten about garage floor won’t help your garage transformation. You need to think about your garage flooring, so it doesn’t cause you problems later on – or you won’t be able to use it at all! Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield Garage Floor Coating Kit is a good choice as if you need to get a lot of wear out of your garage floor, it’ll make sure it’s protected and dust free. You’ll be able to do more tasks in the garage without worrying about the flooring!

8 – Use LED Lighting

If your garage is dark and dim at night, cleverly placed LED lights will allow you to see clearly and will also last a long time! Think about the areas you struggle to work in or get to, and make sure they are lit up clearly so you can use the space more effectively.

9 – Add homely touches

We often avoid our garages as they seem dark, cold and uninviting. If you want to use the space more, don’t be afraid to give it a bit of a makeover so you feel like spending more time in there!

10 – Don’t forget the roof

One of the most important things we all can forget when it comes to the garage, is the roofing. If you have a leaky roof it won’t be good for anyone! Grab some Rust-Oleum Mathys Fillcoat and make sure your newly organised garage is protected from the elements.

Try at least one of these tips and see if you can make your garage a better space for you!

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