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5 Essential Roof Checks to Make Before Winter

When it gets to winter, you want to make sure your roof is functioning as it should, whether it’s your home or your place of work. No one wants to spend their days shivering and high energy bills aren’t good either. Here are five checks you can do to make sure your roof is winter-proof.


Check one: Debris

Over autumn, your roof will attract leaves and other debris, especially when it starts to get windy. A build up of vegetation can lead to weeds, and serious damage to your roof. If you keep the roof clear of any debris and check it regularly, you’ll be fine through winter.

Check two: Waterproofing

Winter brings rainy, icy and snowy weather with it. It’s nice to be inside and warm when the weather is hammering it down outside. But, if your roof isn’t waterproof you’ll end up with damp and mould, you may even find you have a leaky roof. If you think you need to seal a leak quickly, use a kit like Rust-Oleum Waterproof Kit to quickly and easily seal the area. It even works in bad weather if you notice it too late!


Check three: Joints

Over time the joints, fasteners, vents, drains, seams and so on of your roof can become weak. Check around the edges and look for anything that doesn’t look secure. Catch the damage before winter so you can have peace of mind that you’re set for the cold season. If you do find that you need, to do a repair job, Gaco Liquid Roof Tape is for you. It’s a thick, rubber-like liquid that you can use instead of traditional rubber and mesh seam tape in conjunction with the GacoPro Roof Coating. It’ll help to make sure your joints and anything loose is secured all winter.

Check Four: Membrane

If you have a flat roof, it’s likely your roof will have a membrane which helps to stop leaks and draw the water away from the roof. Check the membrane of your roof is in good shape, as it’ll have to battle against the changing seasons. If your membrane needs a repair, Bedec Super-Flex is a great coating that can be used on roofs or walls to form a waterproof membrane. It’s easy to apply and great for weatherproofing pitched and flat roofs!


Check Five: Insulation

Good insulation in winter can save you money. If your insulation isn’t performing well, then you will loose heat and spend extra money on heating bills. Check your insulation thoroughly and consider using a product like Thermilate PRO Insulating Roof Coating to be sure. Not only is the coating insulating, but this innovative thermal system also great for waterproofing.

There you have it! Check these tips off and you’ll be prepared for winter. You’ll be able to enjoy it from the comfort of indoors!

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