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5 Exciting Industrial Paint Colours to Make You Think Outside the Box

An industrial paint job doesn’t have to be boring! If you pick the right paints and the right colours you can have an exciting looking project. Not only will whatever you paint stand out and look great, but by using high-quality paints you will find that your surfaces are better protected too.

So which paints should you use? We suggest two different paints which come in a wide range of colours to get your imagination going. Read on to find out more about the paints and our top five colour picks.


Our top three summer colours.

With summer in mind, we’ve picked three bright colours. We’ve selected Rust-Oleum 7500 Alkythane as it’s a fantastic top coat for industrial metal surfaces! Choose your paint in a matt, gloss or metallic finish and get creative.

Maize Yellow

This deep yellow is a fantastic colour to use if you want to feel summer to all year round. As long as you apply this paint to old intact coatings or surfaces that have been primed with a Rust-Oleum primer, you’ll have a bold, long lasting bright colour.

Pastel Orange

We love this colour as it’s a warm, subtle orange. It’s still a deep colour that will give you the long-lasting finish you need in an industrial environment. Here’s a top tip. Instead of using an extra coat of Rust-Oleum 7500 Alkythane, choose a suitable Rust-Oleum primer that can mixed to a colour to better suit your topcoat such as Rust-Oleum 569 Quick Drying Primer.


Sulfur Yellow

The brightest of the bunch! This colour is for the daring. This brilliant yellow is sure to draw attention to any surface you paint. We think it’d look fab as a decorative finishing touch to trims and small details. Even if the rest of your decor is plain this colour will brighten up the whole area.

Our top two colours to turn heads

Summer colours are great for making your surroundings feel warmer all year round. However, you could pick one of these two bold colours to really turn heads!

Our next two choices are colours in which you can get the Jotun Hardtop XP topcoat in (a fantastic 2 pack polyurethane paint). This topcoat is one of the most popular polyurethane topcoats and it’s easy to see why! We love it because it’s so flexible, you can spray it, roll it or brush it on almost any primer. It’s the perfect choice for a high quality, glossy, weather-resistant finish.



Magenta is a strong pink/purple tone as it is. Telemagenta is a beautiful deep magenta colour, a fantastic purple/pink shade. Here’s another top tip. Apply it with a roller for a fantastic, professional finish. This colour would make a fantastic statement anywhere!

Sky Blue

This stunning blue is not too bright, but just light and bold enough to make a real difference to any environment. The gloss and colour retention of this paint makes it worthwhile choosing a bright colour.

There you have it. Five colours to make you project exciting and your surface stand out above the rest! If you need any more inspiration, ask an expert at Rawlins Paints to guide you through the colour choices.

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