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5 of the Best DIY Products

There are many tasks around a property that can be done without the help of a professional. By using the right products and tools, you can recreate the effects of a professional’s work without having to fork out for the extra costs.

Garage Floors


If you’re looking to update your garage floor yourself, the easiest way to do this is by using a garage floor coating kit. A good kit will allow you to resurface and protect the garage floor in just one coat and contain everything you need. A 2-part epoxy coating, cleaning solution, decoration chips and paint paddle should get you on your way to having high quality, well-finished floors.

Fire Doors


Fire doors are an essential part of any building, be it a residential or commercial property. Anything you can do to prevent or slow a fire and it’s potential damage is a great benefit to have. In order for fire doors to be effective, they need to be maintained or created with the right product. Use a fire door paint or fire door varnish to upgrade your doors to offer more protection.

Tarmac repairs


Tarmac or asphalt can be repaired with a kit, without the need for hired help. A kit should include a repairing product and primer and an application tamper. This will help to achieve a professional looking finish whilst restoring your asphalt. This simple method requires no mixing, so you don’t need to hire heavy duty equipment either.

Tile Transformation


Instead of replacing your tiles, give them a makeover that gives the impression they have been replaced by an experienced tiler. A do-it-yourself kit will allow you to quickly and easily paint over the tiles, giving them a uniform finish in a few easy steps. At the same time, this method will protect your tiles, meaning less maintenance and a longer lasting finish.

Worktop Transformation


If your worktops are heavily used, rejuvenating them will make them feel new and last longer. To transform your kitchen worktops, for example, you will need a basecoat, topcoat, roller sleeves, a sanding block and mixing sticks. Pick up all these items in a simple to use worktop kit, that can restore your worktops in just one weekend.

Before you start your next project, consider which elements you can do yourself. It can save you time and money. Though, if you need guidance get in touch with the experts at Rawlins Paints for DIY tips.

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