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5 of the Best Paints and Primers for Patios and Concrete Driveways


Even though summer might have brought about rain, there’s still a reason to make your patio look it’s best. Those rare sunny days will have you out there in a flash, so make sure it’s looking tip-top before you get outdoors.

When it comes to your driveway, it’s the entrance to your property so we know you’ll want it to look fantastic!

Not sure where to start with making your patio look good as new again? Read on to find out about our top five paints and primers for patios and concrete driveways.

On the move and just want to browse the range? All our driveway paints can be found here.

  1. Britannia Block Paving Sealer

Don’t let your block paving get into a state. If you want it to look good you need to take care of it. Be sure to pull up weeds and deter and plant life that may cause problems for your paving. This product rejuvenates old paving, protects against loss of colour through UV light, resists oil and stain penetration and inhibits weed and algae growth.



  1. Hydron Mona-Guard Revive

What about that tarmac? Did you know it’s possible to revamp your tarmac without having to do the whole thing? By using this reviver & sealer you’ll be able to protect your tarmac from damaging outside elements and give it a nice, professional look. We think it’s superior to other tarmac paints so give it a shot!

  1. Rust-Oleum Tarmacoat

Another step to the perfect driveway is to try this product. This paint comes in a variety of colours so you can paint your Tarmac decoratively or add safety markings. If you need to add any kind of line or marking to your surface then you need to give this a go. It’s suitable for asphalt, concrete, pavements, bitumen, parking bays, tennis courts, playgrounds and more.

  1. Coo-Var Tennis Court & Drive Paint

Don’t let the name put you off this paint, it isn’t JUST for tennis courts. It’ll work wonders on your drive if you want to give it a decorative coloured finish. This specially designed paint comes in black, green and red and even contains some anti-slip qualities. But we’ll move onto those shortly!



  1. Ennis-Flint ColourSafe Anti-Slip Surface Coating

Wet summers encourage slippery surfaces, so as a final step in improving your patio or driveway you should consider an anti-slip coating. This will help to give you added grip on those inevitable rainy summer days, giving your surface grip beyond the summer months. Try this cost effective solution to make your walkways safer – it comes in some brilliant, bold colours too!

***October 2018 Update***. This product has since been discontinued. But we can suggest Axalta Highway Anti-Skid Traffic Paint as a great alternative. It is also available in some brilliant, bold colours too! 

This list should get you started, but if you want to find out more about paints and primers for patios and concrete driveways, just get in touch with Rawlins’ Paints.


  1. Is there a product you would recommend . I am in the process of repairing and re grinding my old concrete drive ,approx 90sq m. Thank you .

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