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5 Of The Most Inspirational Workplaces

Through the week, most people spend the majority of their time at work. When so much time is spent in one place, it’s no wonder the decor can influence our mood.

Nowadays, it’s become more common for business to invest more time and money into their offices, as they realise a good working environment can inspire employees.

If employees work in a building they can be proud of, they are likely to look after it more and simply be in a better mood. These five workplaces have understood the employees need, with a little room for creativity.

Google Head Office, London


Google is a household name and a huge operation that requires many, many employees to keep the engine ticking. Their offices around the world have helped to pioneer creative workspaces, by giving their employees a building worth shouting about. Everywhere you look there are exciting colours and textures. Break out areas with comfy sofas and meeting rooms that aren’t stuffy are the perfect place to generate new ideas.

Facebook Head Office, California


Another household name, and this time it’s Facebook. The social media site is run by a millennial and caters for today’s digital world. They used their office space to show their employees that they understand them and their needs. In the 24-hour digital world employees need a space to relax and Facebook has done more than that! Who wouldn’t want a skate park in their office?

Red Bull Head Office, London


Red Bull is more than just an energy drink. The brand represents many things from music to extreme sports. This diversity and excitement is reflected in their impressive Soho Head Office. The reception turns into a bar at night and there is even an office slide! Red Bull has shown it’s easy to combine comfort, fun and work. At such a creative company with young employees, they need to make sure they are inspired by their surroundings. It’s hard not to feel creative in such a unique building.

Pixar Head Office, California


It’s hard not to have seen a Pixar animation. There’s work out there you may not even know had been created in their studios! Pixar’s bustling team of animators and more need somewhere to come up with the films we love. By contrasting exposed metal beams with colourful decor, Pixar shows both its create and technical side. The inside of the building goes from large meeting space to indoor sheds! That’s right, some of the offices in the building are sheds or huts, and they look fantastic. It’s certainly inspiring to see something average turned into something exciting.

YouTube, California


We’re back in California for another office with a wow-factor. YouTube is a brand that is constantly changing and developing, staying ahead of the curve. Huge open plan floor space and plenty of activities for employees are enough to make it an exciting place to work. Not to mention the vibrant colours and attention to detail that make you think of YouTube. it’s clear, the more relaxed and happy the employees are – the stronger the business.

Now we’re not suggesting you go off and attempt a Google sized office renovation, though there are some simple things and ideas you can take from these companies. A breakout room can make a huge difference, somewhere to meet for a coffee or think up ideas. Bright colours, chalk boards, whiteboards and personalisation can turn a dull meeting room into something exciting.

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