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5 Renovation Tips for New Landlords

Becoming a landlord is an exciting time. It can also be daunting if you have new responsibilities and maintenance to think about. Many people buy properties that need a little work, or let maintenance catch up on them over time. However, if you make sure your property is in good shape before you let your tenants move in, you’ll find it’s much easier to manage the property. Here are a few renovation jobs you should consider if you want to make sure your property will be long standing.



The last thing you want is to hear from your tenants, is that you have a leaky roof. Replacing and fixing a roof can be very expensive. Use the right paints and coatings to improve the longevity of your roofing. For example, for a pitched roof we’d recommend you should use Rust-Oleum Mathys Dac Hydro Plus. This is a flexible, durable paint that is great for renovating and protecting your roof tiles.


Damp is a landlord’s nightmare, it can cause huge problems for you and your tenants. If you don’t look after your surfaces, it’ll creep up on you quickly. We recommend Zinsser Perma-White Interior. It’s is ideal for a durable finish that protects you from mould and mildew as well. The variety of colours mean you can give your property a whole new look, and be protected from damp and mould. As an extra precaution you can apply a flexible exterior masonry paint to your exterior walls. This will ensure that any cracks that may form on your facades will stay protected and the flexible masonry paint will move with the surface and stretch instead of cracking, preventing any water ingress.



Before it gets to winter, you want to make sure everything is in the best possible shape, down to the windows. Don’t forget to check your windows are well sealed, to avoid any problems later down the line. You may want to consider Anti-Climb Paint on certain properties, where you think you may need to be extra careful about access points for thieves. It’s also a good idea to see if you could replace old windows with double-glazing. If your property has been empty for a while, give it a go – simple updates like this can attract new tenants.


Insulation is important not just to keep your new tenants cosy, but to help them keep their bills down. You’ll find your tenants don’t stay very long if the bills are sky high due to poor insulation! Make sure your property has a proper, complete insulation system including insulating coatings.


Decorative paint

Lastly, if your property doesn’t look great, you’ll find it hard to get any renters in. There are plenty of decorative paints that you can use creatively to add finishing touches and feature walls to your property.

There are many other tasks involved in looking after properties, and many of other possible renovation jobs. If you’re struggling to choose the right tools for your next renovation job, speak to Rawlins Paints.

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