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5 things you probably didn’t know you could protect from fire

When considering fire safety, at some point you will have considered the things you might not be able to protect. Luckily, there are a few ways you can protect items you may not have even considered yet.

Artificial plants

Artificial plants make fantastic decorations, without the upkeep required for live plants. If you have large, high-quality polyester artificial plants, you may want to consider protecting them. High quality often means a high price, therefore, they are not something you’ll want to have to replace. Additionally, they could encourage the spread of fire if not protected. Treat them with a flame retardant solution to shield them from potential damage.

Stage curtains

Stage curtains have a high cost and are often of great importance to the environment they are found in. Not to mention, they can be extremely flammable with a large surface area for fire to spread across. Use a clear flame retardant treatment designed for use on fabric, to help to protect things such as stage curtains. You want to use something which doesn’t wash out and lasts a long time.

Protect Stage Curtains From Fire


Cardboard is something you may think is impossible to protect from fire damage. If you are in a warehouse, packing facility etc, large amounts of cardboard can become a fire hazard. It’s possible to treat cardboard with a flame retardant like any other material, to help reduce the risk of fire.


Rope is something that may be forgotten, but if it’s something that is a constant fixture in your environment, it’s a good idea to protect it. Treat the rope with fire retardant treatment as rope could even act as a wick, allowing fire to travel down the length of it, causing more damage.


Replacing carpet can come at a high cost. If a fire does, unfortunately, break out, fire may not only damage the carpet but the surface underneath. For luxury woollen carpets, you’ll want to use a treatment designed for natural fabrics. The same treatment may even be suitable for carpets made from synthetic materials such as polyester, but be sure to check first.

Protect Any Carpet From Fire

The next time you think about fire safety and prevention, take a look around your property and consider the many different elements you can protect. Fire protection isn’t limited to this list; you can apply the use of treatments in these five situations to much more, helping you make your environment safer.

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