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7 Amazing Ways to Use Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboard paint shouldn’t be limited to the classroom. There is so much you can do with a bit of whiteboard paint! It’s incredibly versatile and most paints can be applied to almost any surface. Our favourite whiteboard paint is Rust-Oleum Dry Wipe Paint. Read on to find out some of the ingenious ways you can use this paint to transform a surface.

Doodle Walls


If you’re decorating a school, children’s rooms or simply just a living area, a doodle wall can make a room feel creative. It’s simple, instead of creating a classic feature wall with a contrasting colour – use dry wipe paint. Encourage visitors to doodle and leave notes, it’ll add a certain charm to the surroundings.

Office Ideas Table

Dry wipe paint is extremely flexible so why stop at your walls? Inject a bit of excitement into your meetings and transform the table into a collaborative drawing board. Use it to draw out plans in meetings and allow the ideas to flow!

Kids Toy Box


At nursery and at home alike, kids love to draw on things. Use the dry wipe paint to cover toy boxes, and turn them into colouring boxes! Stencil on images or letters and encourage the little ones to fill in the blanks. Once they are bored of one picture or stencil, you can quickly wipe the toy box clean and they can start again. By using dry wipe paint, you can create a brand new plaything quickly and easily.

Outdoor Furniture

It may sound wacky but why not try it on your outdoor furniture? Often we use plastic, white, furniture so make it colourful with a few whiteboard markers and some paint. This could be a quirky addition in a commercial buildings gardens, or a fun addition to the home or playground.

Plant Pots


Whiteboard paint is fantastic for labeling items. If you have many potted plants, use dry wipe paint on the pots. This way, you can write notes, names and anything else that might be handy to know when tending your plants. Especially useful for seedlings, so you can identify them easily.

Gaming Floor

If you really want to amp up the entertainment factor in your surroundings, think about the floor too! Paint a section of flooring with whiteboard paint and use it for games. This will go down well with kids, for games like snakes and ladders or noughts and crosses. But – we’re sure it’ll also be a hit with adults alike.

Personalised Trinkets

Let’s think smaller now. If you just want to try out whiteboard paint, consider painting mugs, ornaments and other small objects. With an item such as a mug you can personalise it, and even scribble a few notes on while you enjoy your drink.


You can create a whiteboard anywhere you see fit. Don’t stop at this list – let your imagination run wild.

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