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A Comprehensive Guide to Painting Boats

If you’re lucky enough to own a boat, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that you want to make sure it’s well looked after. Even if your boat is starting to look a little green and the paint is coming away – you can revive it! If you have the right kinds of paints for your boat, it’ll look excellent for years.

Being in the water exposes the boat to many different elements, creates, algaes and more so there’s a lot to think about! Don’t worry though – we’ve broken it down into three simple steps. Use this method and you’ll have a new-looking boat in no time.


Step 1: Priming

After a lot of hard work cleaning and preparing your boat it doesn’t make sense to skip this important stage. To get the best wear on the finish of your boat, you should invest in a good quality primer. Teamac Metaclor Underwater CR Primer is a multi-purpose primer that can be used on your steel and wooden surfaces. You can use it to prime prepared steel. It’s a flexible primer and it also works as a sealer coat over most conventional systems. Once your boat is primed, it’ll have a waterproof, hard-wearing surface ready to paint.

Step 2: Decoration

After priming your boat, you’ll need to decide what to use as a decorative finish and it’s important to choose something compatible. You’d be surprised at the wide range of colours Teamac Marine Gloss is available in. From bright yellows to deep blues. This gloss paint is high-end leaving you with an incredible gloss finish and brilliant opacity. You can use this gloss on all areas above the waterline, to give your boat the wow-factor.


Step 3: Antifouling

Below the water line, using an antifouling coating is an important step to painting a boat. We suggest you try Teamac Antifouling D, for the submerged hull of your boat. The marine gloss finish you’ve just done will look great on top, and you can compliment it with one of the five colours. Antifouling paints such as Teamac Antifouling D are designed to discourage barnacles, weeds and other water plant life growing on your boat. Plant life will only degrade the surface of your boat, slow you down and it doesn’t look great either! This award winning product provides excellent performance and is suitable for steel, wood and GRP hulls on domestic or commercial boats.

Three simple products and you’ll have a completely re-vamped boat! If you have all three components, your boat will stand out and have a hard-wearing finish. Need help with your marine paints? Get in touch with the experts at Rawlins Paints  today.

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