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A Guide to Anti-Slip Floor Paints from Rawlins Paints

When you’re getting ready to paint your floor, the choice of anti-slip paints can be overwhelming! There are so many choices as we all need paints for slightly different jobs. We’re going to talk about four of our best paints so you can make the right choice for the task at hand. If you’ve never considered anti-slip floor paints or coatings before, check our previous blog Anti-Slip Floor Paint: What is it and How Does it Work? to find out why they are so handy.


501 Anti-Slip Floor Paint

This paint will be what you need if you’re looking for a ready mixed, cost effective, easy to apply coating. It’s designed so that it leaves you with a rough and textured surface. It’s perfect for busy workrooms where slippery substances may be spilled. This safety coating can be used on interiors or exteriors and is quick drying.

502 HD Anti-Slip Coating

If you’re a fan of a good finish you’ll want to try this. This anti slip paint will leave you with a uniform, thick, hardwearing finish that can even withstand harsh chemicals. You’d need this kind of coating if you were painting a floor that takes heavy traffic from footfall and even forklifts. We highly recommend this for ramps and any wet or oily areas in industrial environments.

503 Easy Clean Anti-Slip Coating


Is the room you are painting a messy environment? If so, you might need this easy clean anti-slip coating. This coating will offer you a less harsh textured finish that’s easy to clean but still offers good slip resistance. It comes in a wide variety of colours so you don’t have to comprise your colour scheme. This coating is appropriate for rooms such as a commercial kitchens, busy warehouses, etc.

507 Anti-Slip Traffic Paint


A highly durable, fast drying anti slip traffic paint which provides a quick and cost effective way of increasing pedestrian safety and producing an effective anti slip surface for car parks, walkways, cycle paths and more. This paint is perfect for exteriors so if you need to paint a car park or pathway in a bold, anti-slip colour, go for Axalta Highway Anti-Skid Traffic Paint. You can also use it on interiors if you need to clearly mark walkways.

These four choices should get you started on your floor painting decision-making. Still not sure what you need? Just ask!

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