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All Hands on Deck: Maintaining Your Outdoor Living Areas

Maintaining-Decking-3Maintaining your outdoor living areas is just as important as maintaining your interior living areas. Sometimes the outdoors can get neglected, especially when it gets colder. However, there are things you can do to make sure your decking is ready for all seasons and well maintained.

Get Cleaning

Cleaning is never much fun, but it is necessary to do what you can to keep your outdoor living areas well maintained. Try to keep debris and vegetation away from your wood as it’ll attract damp and mould! If your wood is looking a little dirty, you could consider trying a power washer, to clean the wood before you start applying any paints or coatings to it. Regularly keep on top of cleaning and you’ll find that your wood lasts much longer, and doesn’t need to be maintained as often! In combination with a good treatment and a robust coating, you won’t find you need to maintain your outdoor living areas as often either.

Freshen up the wood


If your timber decking is starting to look old and dull, it is possible to refresh it with a treatment. It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your decking, it just needs a bit of maintenance. We’d use Timberex Timberguard to freshen up the timber and keep it looking fresh for longer. This treatment will help take care of any wooden furniture, decking, doors and more – it’s a flexible product! Not only will your wood start to look good again, but the treatment contains UV filters to help slow down the greying process. This deep-penetrating, hardening natural oil is easy to use and perfect for rapid maintenance.

Use a coating

If you like to see the natural beauty of your wood, but want to apply a new coating, we recommend you choose a good, clear anti-slip coating. Blackfriar Anti-Slip Deck Coating covers both those jobs, all whilst providing you with a functional slip-resistant surface. This is ideal in wet weather, as it helps you to avoid those nasty trips and falls.

It doesn’t have to be a big task to maintain your outdoor wooden surfaces, in a few simple steps you can have it looking great! If you have any more outdoor maintenance queries, just ask Rawlins Paints.

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