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An Architects Guide to Fire Protection

As an architect, you need to think about safety as well as design when you are thinking about decorating. Fire protection is a large area of safety management in this arena. We’re going to talk through the three main areas of fire protection – structural steelwork, timber and interior walls and ceilings to make sure you have the right product for the task at hand.



Protecting your interior is of course just as important as protecting you exterior surfaces. Using the right kind of paint will ensure that you are protecting your interiors thoroughly. Zeroflame Fire Retardant Paint is a great choice for plaster walls and ceilings, as it’s an easy to use matt white paint that can be covered with conventional paints to match your colour scheme. You can even get a flame retardant anti-graffiti coating for your interiors, great for environments such as schools.



If you’re protecting timber, Bollom Intulac Ultra Basecoat combined with Bollom Intulac Ultra Topcoat is a popular choice. The clear finish means you don’t have to compromise on your colour scheme to protect your timber and it can even be applied over existing stains and varnishes. Paints such as these are made to form a protective carbon char if there is a fire, which will slow down the damage to the wood. If you have timber doors to deal with, you can also use door upgrade kits, to upgrade normal interior timber doors to 30min fire doors.



Steelwork is tough but can also be vulnerable to fire damage. To make sure it’s protected, the right kind of intumescent paint will take out the guesswork of intumescent specifications. Brosteel Ultra 60 does exactly that. It works by expanding to protect the surface if it is touched by fire. This creates a thick protective ‘skin’ that can last up to 60 minutes!

How will you use protective paints in your next project? Don’t forget, there are plenty of more options available, even for protecting fabric. If you need help choosing the best paint for you, don’t forget we have experts on hand! Get in touch now.

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