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How to Paint PVC Surfaces

PVC can last for years but can quickly become dirty and difficult to keep looking its best. It is used for drain pipes, cladding, windows, doors and more and historically PVC has been a problem surface to paint due to its slick surface most paint will peel, crack or flake away from PVC surfaces. However, Zinsser’s Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Plus ...

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How to Choose (and use) Paint Primer

At some point you may have started on your next bit of paintwork, and thought “do I HAVE to use a primer?” Well, not every paint or coating needs a primer. However, many paints do and it’s an important step. If you want your paintwork to look good as new for years rather than months, you must, must prime with ...

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3 Ways to Paint with a Compressed Air Sprayer

So you’re thinking about getting a compressed air sprayer, or you might even already have one… but you’re not sure how to get started. Well, read on to find out three ways you can use a compressed air sprayer to leave your paintwork with a professional finish! If you need help setting the equipment up, check out this spray painting tutorial. ...

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How to Paint Over Old Vinyl Wallpaper

Painting over old wallpaper can be both time saving and cost effective. Zinsser’s high adhesion paints prime and seal all in one, blocking stains and odours. By using them you can paint over existing wallpapers without having to strip them off and once primed you can either finish the job with your own paints to match your colour scheme or ...

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How to Paint Over Indoor Graffiti

If not treated properly with a stain blocking paint, for example, graffiti can re-appear through new paint work. This blog explains how to permanently cover up graffiti stains. Whether you are responsible for the maintenance of a public area or just have some children that insist on using their bedroom walls as a colouring book, Zinsser stain blocking primers can ...

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How to Paint Over Mould

Black mould growth and staining on interior walls and ceilings is a common problem for many properties. Landlords especially can struggle to keep the problem at bay when tenants fail to ventilate the affected areas adequately. Any room can be affected when high levels of moisture are able to linger for long periods of time and once the mould beings ...

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