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4 Things to Check Before Starting Any Painting Project

PAINTING & SURFACE PREPARATION – TIPS & TRICKS There are a number of things to take into consideration when painting walls and floors, both internal and external. The successful adhesion of paint to a surface depends upon how well prepared the surface is and whether it has been cleaned sufficiently. Too often paint does not leave the finish required and ...

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Professional Floor Preparation Methods

HOW TO PREPARE INDUSTRIAL SCALE FLOORS FOR TREATMENT This article aims to outline some of the most common principles of surface preparation when preparing a substrate to receive a resin flooring system. Whilst outline information on the methods and equipment used to prepare surfaces is included within this guide, it is recommended that advice is sought from specialist surface preparation ...

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An Easy Solution to Slippery Decking

The Problem Traditional timber garden decking can become extremely slippery due to a number of environmental factors such as water, moss, algae and mould. Despite the best efforts of regular jet-washing maintenance, and the odd coat of an anti-slip decking varnish or paint, this can sometimes fail to overcome the problem. So, what alternative solution is available? We believe that ...

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How to Paint a Swimming Pool

HOW TO PICK SWIMMING POOL PAINT If a pool is painted without care a host of problems are likely to occur. Always remember that a pool is a specialised structure and should not be treated as just another wall to be painted. This guide will show you the best swimming pool paint for any scale of pool, indoors and outdoors. ...

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