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Upgrades For Fire Doors

Calling all landlords and employers – are fire doors fitted in your businesses and homes? A fire door can be the difference between life and death, restricting smoke and flames from spreading through a building to allow enough time for the evacuation of employees, tenants, and members of the public. Landlords and employers are legally responsible for ensuring the fire ...

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Fire Safety in the Workplace

Fire risks aren’t immediately clear to most people in the standard office environment. After all, they’re not using the chemicals and open flames seen in factories and workshops, with their desks and partitions seemingly a world away from the industrial workplace where fires are a real and frequent risk. However, human error and negligence are a major factor in starting ...

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Exterior Surfaces, And The Products To Clean Them

Keeping external surfaces clean and tidy not only improves the image of your business to customers on the high street or industrial estate, but will also help prevent corrosion, rot, and contamination that could prove costly if left untreated for too long. Rust and rot spots will eventually erode through surfaces leading to leaks in winter and possible access for ...

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