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Autumn Outdoor Maintenance Tasks You Need to Tackle Now

We hate to say it, but summer is over! It’s a shame and we all wish it could stick around for a few more months, but it’s time to go and get out in the garden. Before the weather turns, make sure you’re ready for autumn and you have no nasty surprises from the changing weather!


Heating checks

As autumn is coming, you’ll want to make sure the heating in your property is up to the job. Think about servicing your boiler and checking for any cracks and damage to the exterior of your property. Any structural damage like this might allow the heat to get out of your property. You don’t want to be chilly!

Spruce up your exteriors

Just because it’s autumn, doesn’t mean you can’t have bright, colourful exteriors that provide you with the protection your exteriors need. Get your hands on some Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Gloss and be creative. This paint will give you fantastic performance for up to 8 years, giving you a good start to autumn. It can be used on so many surfaces, you’ll be able to paint almost anything!


This gloss paint even contains a biocide to protect the dried coating against fungal degradation. This is especially fantastic for autumn when wet weather may encourage fungus to grow. You’ll have bright and beautiful exteriors for years to come, not just for autumn!

Protect your timber

If you want to keep something such as the fencing around your property looking great through autumn, you’ll need to think about protecting it. We recommend you use some Solignum Architectural (Solvent Based) to keep your timber in check through the changing seasons. This coating gives you great water shedding properties and is flexible so your timber can breath. We suggest it because it’ll help to resist mould growth and  protect your surface from UV light. Both properties will be a great help in autumn! If you’re on a tight budget try Blackfriar Wood Preservative.


Clear those gutters

Something you need to start getting used to, is clearing the gutters. It’s not fun but if you leave leaves and debris to build up, you’ll find you have some real issues later in winter! Start at the end of summer so you know you’re going into autumn with clear gutters.

Start tackling these autumn outdoor maintenance tasks and your property will be stand-out all through the seasons!

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