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Behind the Scenes at Theme Parks – What Happens When the Crowds Leave?

Theme parks are busy places even when they’re not open. Due to the high volume of visitors they receive, their maintenance regimes are constant and have to adhere to stringent health and safety requirements. When the crowds leave whether it be just for the day or for the season, it gives the parks opportunity to rejuvenate badly worn areas or even create new areas that require increased safety measures or attention.

Here are a few things we’d do on shut down that you can try on your own projects.


Anti-Slip Floor Paint

Trips and slips are one of the biggest causes of accidents, so on any project it’s more than worthwhile making sure any slippery areas, or areas that may come in contact with slippery substances are properly looked after. Coo-Var Suregrip Anti-Slip Floor Paint is our top choice as the Suregrip technology will leave you with a durable, protective finish. You can use this paint indoors or outdoors on wood, metal, concrete and other surfaces. We recommend you apply anti-slip paint to ramps, car parks and anywhere else that seems appropriate.


Line Marking Paint

Clearly marking safety routes amongst other things is an important part of safety. It’s something that can make a huge difference even if it seems like a minor task. Any size theme park will have areas that need safety markings. While footfall is low it’s the perfect time to assess the area and make these changes and updates. We recommend Blackfriar Professional Line Marking Paint as it dries quickly so you don’t need too much down time. You can use it indoors or outdoors for a durable finish.


Easy Clean Paint

If your project is in a busy environment like theme parks, you’ll have to do a lot of cleaning. Some paints can make it tricky to clean. If you can’t clean easily it can make areas unsafe or unsightly. You also want your paint to be resistant to chemicals and weather elements so that bits of your surface don’t become loose and turn into a hazard.

If you used 1804 High Build Polyurethane Finish, you’d be able to have a fantastic decorative finish that holds its colour, is easy to clean AND is durable (all excellent advantages of 2 pack polyurethane paint). This paint for steel can be used on any metal benches or tables that may be big fixtures in your environment. You could also use it on your railings and so on! This paint is so tough and durable – theme parks could use it to paint the metal on the roller coaster rides themselves!

They are our top three suggestions for making safety changes whilst the crowds are away at any business. Even big business like theme parks can be hugely affected by health and safety issues. You have a duty to look after everyone who visits your site so make sure you do all you can to avoid hazards.

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