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What is the Best Masonry Paint?

What is the Best Exterior Masonry Paint?

Our Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin (Water Based) and Wethertex HBS Flex-Coat Hi-Build Coating products (both below) are our most popular smooth and textured masonry paints. These are available in 4,000+ and 1,200+ masonry paint colours – as well as black, grey, anthracite grey, and white masonry paint – with RAL, NCS, British Standard, and own-brand colours and shades. They serve as great all-rounders for homeowners, landlords, and businesses, with longer life-expectancy than cheaper masonry coatings due to their far superior colour fastness and stability, UV protection, weather resistance, and huge colour range. Click here to skip recommended products and to continue reading.

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Our range of masonry paints has expanded into many specialist areas such as waterproofing, renovation, and heritage buildings such as churches and period homes. Click the links below to view the different products available, their use cases, and answers to popular queries.

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What is Masonry Paint For?

Masonry paint serves two major purposes – to look good and protect.

They are exterior paints aimed to protect a variety of substrates. Concrete, brick, stone, render, pebbledash/roughcast and more. Several brands can do all of the above, and can be found below. It is when you get to needing UV protection, high levels of waterproofing, salt water resistance or protection for a heritage site that you need more specialised products.

Aesthetically, the world is your oyster with masonry paint. You can stick to white or black that both tend to look striking and contemporary when applied properly, or you can go as exotic as you like! Mix colours up, use stripes, colour window sills in different shades. All I would say on that, is double check with your local council in case there is a protocol or restriction in place.

For more ideas, we have a blog on more challenging masonry colour concepts that you can read on our website.


Masonry paints available at Rawlins are ideal for wood and timber buildings

Types of Masonry Paint

There are many different finishes of masonry paint that are designed, again, to be more specific to the project needs. There is coarse finish, textured, smooth gloss, matt, satin, heavily textured etc.

Best exterior masonry paint for seaside towns, cities with air pollution, for waterproofing or UV, colour retention, smooth or textured, they all serve different purposes with a degree of excellence. Coarse texture, best masonry paint for render, is it waterproof, can you use it on wood, can it be used inside, etc. If you have any discomfort in your choosing, ALWAYS TALK TO OUR TECHNICAL TEAM.

As a very general rule, there are two types that you will see discussed more than most – Textured and smooth.

Smooth Masonry Paint

Smooth masonry paint will come in different finishes depending on the manufacturer and product, such as matt, satin and gloss. Smooth masonry paint is easier to distribute across large areas and leaves a nice smooth finish – as you’d expect. You’ll find it feels similar to interior walls that you have painted. It is also excellent for covering more problematic surfaces such as pebbledash, roughcast and building blocks.

Textured Masonry Paint

Textured masonry paint offers more protection. If you live in a harsher climate such as a seaside resort or a city with a high level of pollution, textured will serve a better purpose. It is also better for sealing up fine cracks. This doesn’t mean that heavy textured masonry paint will fix structural damage like magic, that’ll have to be addressed first and you should seek a structural engineer’s advice. It will be more weather-resistant and better on already smooth surfaces.


Masonry paints at Rawlins are available in 4,000+ colours

Is it Elastic and Does It Breathe?

Again, we stumble upon a hotly contested subject. The simple answer, despite what may be written elsewhere on the internet, is yes. Our modern paints with their technologies and unique formulas allow both the surface to breathe and offer elasticity for movement which the elements may cause. Paints with plastic in them will not breathe as freely as those without granted, but it does not mean they will trap moisture in your wall indefinitely.

Part of the problem here could be that The European Commission does not have an official ‘Breathability Scale’, which means the term is in danger of being interpreted at the reader’s discretion. There is no doubt it is a term thrown around loosely. ‘Breathable’ could mean that the fumes are not life-threatening, or it could mean that your wall will allow moisture to exit with ease and avoid damp or condensation.

There is the Sd Value – a measurement of a material’s vapour resistance and thickness, or the equivalent air layer thickness, but this is not always evident in a Data Sheet. For an in-depth look at the Sd Scale, there is an excellent article on LinkedIn from SURFASOLOGY (a network we are also on so do follow us!)

Masonry paint will have caused breathing problems in the past, that is not the debate. Especially for heritage sites and listed buildings that were built very differently. These need particular attention to be able to breathe, and for that reason a lime-based paint is more suitable. For this type of project, we sell Keim Royalan, a coating that has no solvents or plasticisers in its makeup giving it optimum breathability.

We also have products that offer enhanced elasticity, such as Rust-Oleum Mathys Murfill Waterproofing Coating. This offers up to 400% elasticity to combat movement that could cause cracking in standard acrylic masonry paint.


Our Top Masonry Paints and Their Specialities


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Smooth Masonry Paints

The All-Rounder

Zinnser AllCoat Exterior Satin Finish (water-based) is a paint we have mentioned before in our ‘How to paint uPVC doors and windows’ blog. Zinsser masonry paint is an extremely versatile paint that can be applied to a multitude of substrates, including existing gloss paint. It offers fungal protection, weather resistance, a quick re-coating time and there is no need for a primer. It also comes in a variety of colours.

Waterproofing – waterproof masonry paint

Rust-Oleum Mathys Murfill Waterproofing Coating is a great masonry waterproofing paint, offering 400% elasticity and exceptional waterproofing qualities. Its microporous structure allows breathing, it is colourfast meaning darker colours will not be dyed by the sun, and it is adept at crack bridging.

Exposed Concrete and Concrete Repair

Sikagard 670 W Elastocolor is EN 1504-02 approved as a protective coating. This paint is also water permeable and great against weathering and ageing. Its anti-carbonation composition will also combat pollution. If you have exposed concrete, this is a product worth looking at.

Energy Saving

Hydron Nu-Guard NRG Clear is an energy-saving, new generation impregnation that utilises the most advanced hybrid chemistry available to maximise weather protection. It has super hydrophobic water repellency, resists dirt and pollution, has self-cleaning properties improves energy efficiency internally and externally. It is also available as a colour topcoat and primer.

Breathability – Breathable Masonry Paint

Rebutting the doubters, Remmers Silicone Resin Filling Paint LA followed by Remmers Silicone Paint LA will give you a comprehensive, well-structured breathable paint effect. Whilst boasting water-resistant qualities primarily, they contain a film preservative to repel fungi, crack filling properties, a positive effect on the heat balance of a building, protection to mineral building materials, are adept in driving rain, do not swell, do not darken when wet, the list goes on! These countless components make it a good choice for historic buildings built by brick or stone.

These Remmer products, along with Remmers OS Concre-Fill (discussed below) can be BOTH textured or smooth masonry paint due to their intermediate filler qualities. Which you achieve depends on application – if you used a textured roller sleeve it will achieve that more rugged finish, whereas use of a brush and trowel can achieve a smooth finish in both instances.

Fire Retardant and Anti-Graffiti

Hydron Nu-Flame AG Glaze is the final coating in the Nu-Flame Fire Protection Coating system to produce fire retardant and anti-graffiti properties. It can also be used to overcoat masonry paint making it ideal for inner city venues at risk of both. It is also non-toxic, another positive for somewhere with heavy traffic such as venues.


Britannia Wallshield Eco is a NEW offering from the Rawlins Paints range. Ideal for eco-friendly homeowners and businesses, this paint can give your building that aesthetic enhancement without being toxic, improves insulation and offers you protection.

All-Weather Application

If you live in a part of the UK that is prone to being tempestuous at times, Zinsser AllWeather Exterior Masonry Paint is a no nonsense coating that can be applied at temperatures down to -5°C and is shower resistant in 20 minutes. If you need to urgently apply a protective masonry paint in winter, this product offers you a solution. It also resists dirt accumulation, another problem in such conditions.

For Coastal Areas

Our recommendation for the “best masonry paint for coastal areas”, Keim Royalan, applies on all mineral substrates and is formulated for use in extreme conditions. It is more resistant to fungal and algae growth that are more prevalent in humid and coastal environments, with all of the properties and benefits of mineral paint. Because of how harsh coastal conditions can be, Keim Royalan requires specification before purchase and is therefore only available as “price on application” – visit the product page to see more details, find data sheets, and to contact our technical team to discuss your requirements.

Mural Application

Finally, Hydron have created a masonry paint that enables artistic licence! Hydron Nu-Guard Mural Paint allows painters to paint onto previously painted brick and concrete with whatever design may inspire you. If you really want to wow with your aesthetic offering, this paint allows you to paint every brick a different colour if you wish. If you add Hydron Nu-Cryl AG too, then you can protect your wonderful artwork from UV dyeing, graffiti, the elements and stains with no reapplication required. Embrace your creative side!

Zinsser AllCoat paints are available in almost any colour – for rainbow effect cladding and masonry

Textured Masonry Paint

Outdoor and Indoor in one

Rust-Oleum Mathys Murfill Quartz is a long lasting, elastic, crack bridging and waterproof paint for exterior walls and facades. It hides surface imperfections, has high filling and hiding power, is water vapour permeable and offers weather resistance. All the traits you want from a textured masonry paint.

Renovation of Tired Walls

Wethertex HBS Flex-Coat Hi-Build Coating is Wethertex’s textured masonry paint offering that also uses Optilife silicone technology to protect your wall. If your renovation area is uneven, has developed cracks or is weather-beaten, then this masonry paint will offer weather protection and breathability for up to 20years.

Competitive Intermediate Repair

For a multi-layer repair system that will fill imperfections and offer more evenness, Remmers Color PA Fill (OS Concre-Fill)
followed by Remmers Color PA (Concrete Acrylic)
are efficient in closing pores and pipes on concrete surfaces. With their fibre reinforcing and static hair cracks in the substrate respectively, they are CO2 inhibiting and water repelling. It boasts good adhesion to old and new fair-faced concrete as well as restored concrete surfaces and coating compatibility with old, load-bearing, cementitious or synthetic resin bound coatings.

Anti-Pollution and Corrosion

Rust-Oleum Mathys Murfill Quartz can camouflage unevenness and damage on cellular concrete and steel reinforced concrete that could be susceptible to carbonisation and corrosion. It is elastic and 100% waterproof. This makes it a fantastic choice for industrial environments.

The Rolls Royce of Flexible Masonry Paint

Sika are often considered the go-to for intermediate repair masonry paint with their products such as Sikagard 545 W Elastofill and Sikagard 550 W Elastic with very good reason. But Remmers boast some fantastic products that should be on your shortlist when choosing such. Remmers Color Flex Fill (Elastoflex Filler Paint) followed by Remmers Color Flex (Elastoflex Façade Paint) use silicone technology to create flexibility, waterproofing, anti-carbonation, high crack-bridging and filling properties and more. It really is a superior system in repairing concrete and protecting it henceforth.

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To conclude, masonry paint application is clearly much-disputed. The reason for that is we all want to get it right and avoid repeating the process year after year. If you have ANY doubt at all, our technical team would be delighted to hear from you on 0113 2455450. You can also email us on [email protected]. Further still, feel free to leave a query on the comments section below or send us a message on Linkedin or Facebook.


  1. What’s the best santex to by for very smooth concrete posts and gravel boards please as I’ve tried 1 type and it’s no good

  2. Christine Hemming

    Have Roof Dormers that have been boarded, wire meshed and rendered and now seem to be cracking after adverse weather conditions. Were coated with some kind of paint finish, what paint would you sugest?

  3. Hi, what about Caparol exterior masonry paint? Do you carry or have any experience with it. Thank you

    • Hi Peter,

      Many thanks for your question. Unfortunately we do not stock Caparol Exterior Masonry Paint, and therefore wouldn’t be able to advise on this product. We do carry a range of excellent quality masonry paints including Wethertex AP77 Flexible Smooth Masonry Paint. If you would like any further information on this we’d be happy to help out – our Technical Department are available on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or you are welcome to send a message to [email protected].

      I hope this helps. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.

      Many thanks

  4. What’s the best breathable exterior paint

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you very much for your question. Assuming this is for exterior masonry then we would recommend Wethertex AP77 Flexible Smooth Masonry Paint.

      If the paint is to be used for a substrate other than masonry, please feel free to get in touch and we would be happy to advise.

      I hope this helps, thanks again for getting in touch

      Kind regards

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