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Best Paints, Primers and Coatings for People With Chemical Sensitivity

If you find that chemicals in certain products don’t agree with you, it can be difficult to get a renovation or maintenance job done. Some paints are filled with harsh chemicals that you can’t work with. However, there are products that are made that you can use safely. Always check the small print to make sure there’s nothing that will affect you. Here’s our top three suggestions.



If you need to use a primer, try Jotun Sens Primer. This primer is solvent free and has NAAA (Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association) accreditation. This accreditation has the world’s strictest standards for allergies so if you do have chemical sensitivity, it’s likely you’ll be able to use this primer. Not only is it great for that, but it can be used indoors or outdoors and is fast drying and easy to sand. You can even use it on plaster and wood! It really is one of the safest options out there, so give it a try.


Paints and Coatings

Once you’ve primed your surface, it’s likely you’ll be thinking about painting it. As with primers, topcoats can be a nightmare for people with chemical sensitivity. There’s another couple of greats products in the Jotun Sens range that also have NAAA accreditation. The Jotun Sens topcoats pride themselves on being a unique products. Like the primer, there is virtually no smell and it is one of the safest paints on the market. You can use this matt or silk finish, acrylic paint on your interiors and choose from a great range of colours.


Try Jotun Sens 10 or Jotun Sens 30 for a paint that emits virtually no harmful substances and provides you with a high quality finish. These paints are fantastic as even in darker colours, the formula doesn’t leave visible stripes all whilst offering durability and protection.

If you have chemical sensitivity problems and are unsure about which paints to get. Just get in touch with one of the experts at Rawlins Paints. Paint technology keeps changing and there is likely to be something out there to help you complete your project!

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