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Waterproofing Basements, Cellars and Stockrooms

“They say there’s treasure in that cellar – mouldy and damp, but treasure all the same!” Many city centre based shops operate with their store room in the basement, and with little scope for major renovation work, they must work with what’s to hand, or available at Rawlins Paints. So, in this featured post we’ll look at waterproofing basements, cellars ...

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6 Fresh Ideas to Transform Your Floors in 2016

A welcoming home sweet home mat

Springtime is generally when people make the biggest decisions about decorating their homes. The winter blues have passed, the clocks have changed and the evening sun shines in through the windows later into each passing evening. As plans are being made for family to come and stay during summer at some point, be it for the Olympics, Euros 2016 or simply ...

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Give Your Workshop a Re-vamp

Workshops are often busy environments, with heavy-duty tools and many projects in the works. You may have noticed your workshop beginning to look tired. But, when you spend so much time working on different projects, you might not feel you have time to give your workshop a re-vamp. If you want to make it feel new again, try these simple ...

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Driveway Care Tips

Taking care of your driveway shouldn’t be a chore! All you need is a few items to make it look good as new again. The driveway is often the main entrance to your property and first impressions count! Use these tips to have a stand-out, good as new drive. Wash Before you do anything, you need to clean down the ...

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How to Spot the Early Signs of Damp

Damp can cause huge problems and big bills if the problem isn’t dealt with quickly and correctly. If you don’t catch it early on, it can even affect your health, as well as destroying and damaging your property. How to spot damp There are a few ways you can identify damp in a property, if any of the signs here ...

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10 Playground Paint Ideas

A playground should be fun, colourful and inviting. You want to hear cheerful children and happy parents in any playground. If it’s unappealing, and looks old and worn, it’s likely it’ll be left empty. Spruce it up with these playground paint ideas!   Create simple games like hopscotch Hopscotch is a classic playground game. All it involves is a few ...

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10 Stunning Staircases You Can Do Yourself

A staircase doesn’t always seem like it has much prominence, but when they look old and worn out – you suddenly notice them! A staircase can make or break a room, and even transform a hallway. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your staircase choices.   Colourful Safety Staircases If you have a slippery stairwell or a staircase that ...

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How (and Why) to Moisture Test Concrete Floors

You may have heard of moisture testing before. If you have, you might have not tested your concrete because you’re not sure where to start. Or, you may have considered doing a moisture test, but long forgotten about it. Either way, Rawlins Paints are here to tell you how and why you should moisture test your concrete floors. Why bother ...

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