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How (and Why) to Moisture Test Concrete Floors

You may have heard of moisture testing before. If you have, you might have not tested your concrete because you’re not sure where to start. Or, you may have considered doing a moisture test, but long forgotten about it. Either way, Rawlins Paints are here to tell you how and why you should moisture test your concrete floors. Why bother ...

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How to Assess the Slip Resistance of Flooring

When it comes to safety, assessing slip resistance can be very helpful in the prevention of accidents in the workplace. Let us take you through what slip resistance is all about. And which products will help you get the job done! Did you know slips and trips are the most common cause of accidents at work? If you’re re-doing the ...

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How to Paint Stairs in Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings are often high-traffic places. Stairs can take some damage on busy routes and can even be dangerous if they don’t have the right grip. You’ll find that your stairs on the first floors take the most damage and get the most use. These stairs are definitely the ones to check, to see if they are due a makeover. ...

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Factory Floor Paints – What To Use

Warehouse, workshop, garage and factory floors are often exposed to stress from footfall, heavy objects, fluid spills and more. So how do you keep the floor looking great and safe? Try the following tips to help you make the right decision about how to treat your workroom floor and which are the leading factory floor paints by the UK’s leading industrial ...

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