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How to Paint Your Garden Fence

Painting a garden fence should be simple, which it can be – so Rawlins Paints are here to tell you how to get the job done. Click here to skip recommended products and to continue reading. Shop Best Selling Products Although the task may seem fairly straight forward, without the right tools you’ll find that you don’t get the professional ...

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How to Spot the Early Signs of Damp

Damp can cause huge problems and big bills if the problem isn’t dealt with quickly and correctly. If you don’t catch it early on, it can even affect your health, as well as destroying and damaging your property. How to spot damp There are a few ways you can identify damp in a property, if any of the signs here ...

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Surface Preparation Methods for Steel Explained

A Glossary Of Steel Surface Preparation Methods Due to the manufacturing and production methods of iron and steel they have a surface condition which is not compatible with the application of paint coatings. Steel in particular, has a dark appearance which results from a surface layer of mill scale. It is essential to eliminate all traces of mill scale and corrosion ...

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The Basics of Painting – Step by Step

How to Paint a Wall – Step by Step Guide Be it for a profession or as a personal project, at some point everyone has to paint a wall, and it is incredible how many people do it wrong – painting over surfaces incorrectly, be that wallpaper, metal, stickers, or over old drawings and graffiti, etc. Painting a wall, or garden ...

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The Basics of Preparing to Paint a Floor for the General User

In this blog-post, Rawlins Paints will look at how to paint a concrete floor, as well as how to prepare wooden and metal floors for a new paint coating. As with most projects, especially involving paints, cleaners and primers, preparation is key. The best performance from any floor paint is only achieved if the surface to be painted is correctly ...

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Professional Floor Preparation Methods

HOW TO PREPARE INDUSTRIAL SCALE FLOORS FOR TREATMENT This article aims to outline some of the most common principles of surface preparation when preparing a substrate to receive a resin flooring system. Whilst outline information on the methods and equipment used to prepare surfaces is included within this guide, it is recommended that advice is sought from specialist surface preparation ...

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