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DIY Tips & Ideas

How to Paint Over Wallpaper

Moving into a new property is a daunting prospect, with lots of redecoration required to bring a property into line with your business image and branding, and to make a home feel welcoming for your own family or for prospective tenants. When an existing property is decorated in wallpaper that just doesn’t fit in with your tastes, you may feel ...

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How To Paint Metal Garage Doors

Are your metal garage doors in need of recoating? Paint flaking and peeling off your shutters, leaving an unsightly surface? Not sure where to start? Painting garage doors and roller shutters may appear to be a daunting prospect, but it’s actually very straightforward, and will keep them protected and looking great for years to come. Read on for advice on ...

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Preparing Your Boat for Winter – Marine Paint


Sadly, October starts to signal the end of the boating season here in the UK and it may be time to reach for the marine paint, varnish or antifoul. If you are planning to land/dock your boat, storing it privately or in a boatyard, it gives you an opportunity to antifoul and ensure that you are protecting your vessel properly ...

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Fixing Water Damage at Work and Home

When misunderstood, water damage can be a critical issue in domestic and industrial buildings that recur time and time again. It can be tempting to apply a quick fix if you are selling your home or do not wish to close your business and incur a loss of income. Both have significant financial implications. But if you do not find ...

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Paint Removal Guide: Caustic & Solvent Based Paint Strippers

When considering to remove paint, whichever kind, from an exterior wall or surface, it might be tempting to go it at with guns blazing. Power washing, sandblasting, wire brush: all these methods will work for most jobs, but at which cost? These power methods can be risky as they can seriously damage your brickwork and other surfaces, leaving them exposed ...

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Looking for the Best Eggshell Paints?

Mixing leftover paint

Some of the most commonly asked online “painting and decorating” questions are “what is and where can I buy eggshell paint?”, “can you paint uPVC doors and windows?”, “how do I get a chalky/vintage paint finish?” or “can I paint over gloss paint?”. Then directly below we list the best products you can buy at Rawlins for these problematic decoration ...

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Paint Colour Chart Guide

Paint Colour Chart Guide – Using An Industrial Sized Palette Until recently, the names of paint colours had gone under the rainbow radar and had merely been a curiosity to people simply wanting a nice shade of green. Then, however, the choice of shades could become overwhelming and not knowing how exactly to colour match it to what was previously ...

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How to Remove Wall Stains

Walls get dirty so quickly, don’t they? It’s a nightmare trying to keep on top of the marks from hands, spills, pets, mould and an array of things! If you have white or light coloured walls, you’ll notice the marks even more and it can make the whole property feel grubby. It’s especially an annoyance when the rest of a ...

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