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Wood Oils: A No Nonsense Guide

Applying wood oil by brush

Rawlins Paints receive a lot of calls about wood oils and which are the best finishes for specific interior and exterior woods. It’s a complicated area, due to the wide variety available and many people assume the better known oils can be used on every type of job. They can’t, and if they are applied, they could ruin the wood ...

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That Moment When You Realise You Can Paint Over Rust

Are you looking at your rusty surfaces feeling stumped? Wondering what paint to use on rusted metal? Can you paint over rust? Or maybe you’ve just not been able to get round to it. Well, you don’t have to struggle any longer. It is possible to give rust a complete makeover turning it around. It’s simple to paint over it ...

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What’s The Difference Between Satin and Gloss Paint?

When you’re choosing a new paint for an exterior project, one of the considerations you must make, is which finish do you choose? There are many different finishes you can go for which are down to preference. Common finishes such as a matt finish, is clear and easy to figure out. However,  there are two popular paint finishes – gloss ...

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Water Based Paints: Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know

Ask an Eskimo about types of paint, and they may tell you paint is paint. Ask an Eskimo about snow and they’ll tell you over 50 different types of snow, all with different names! For this post, we’ll be showcasing our expertise on water based paints, and whilst there won’t be 50 different examples, we’ll take you through the colourful, ...

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Boiled Linseed Oil: For Wood and Metal

About Boiled Linseed Oil Found in most woodworker’s workshops, as well as in trade shops up and down the UK, boiled linseed oil is a popular product at Rawlins Paints. Also known as BLO (an acronym of Boiled Linseed Oil), this wood treatment is an oil treatment primarily for interior use, which leaves a lovely and smooth finish on a ...

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How To Paint Denatured Timber

Our 3-step guide below will show you how to paint denatured timber, a typically friable surface that can be tricky to decorate without the correct preparation, using Zinsser products available in over 350 colours. For help on painting friable exterior walls, see our other blog post or scroll to the bottom for further reading on painting other problem timber surfaces. ...

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How To Paint Exterior Woodstained Or Varnished Surfaces

Can you paint over varnish? Zinsser products can be used to paint woodstain or varnished exterior wood surfaces using our 3-step guide below on how to prepare, prime and decorate, in over 350 colours. Quick Links Click on a link below to jump down the page Zinsser Paint Exterior Stained/Varnished Products The Benefits Step 1. Surface Preparation Step 2. Priming ...

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How To Paint Knotted And Resinous Timber

Our 3-step guide shows you how to prime and seal troublesome knots and resinous timber with ease. Quick Links Zinsser Paint Knotted and Resinous Timber Products The Benefits Step 1. Surface Preparation Step 2. Knots Step 3. Resinous Timber Step 4. Decoration More Information. Further Reading Zinsser Paint Knotted and Resinous Timber Products Zinsser Mould Killer & Remover Zinsser Universal ...

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