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VIP Brands at Rawlins Paints: Zinsser

Recently, we have been blogging about two major brands that we stock here at Rawlins: Sika and Rust-Oleum. These major paint brands are used for small and large scale projects worldwide, from famous landmarks as The Golden Gate Bridge to small carparks in the Netherlands. Today, we’re adding our third brand to this list of VIP brands: Zinsser. Zinsser have a ...

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Water Based Paints: Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know

Range of different water based paint colours

Ask an Eskimo about types of paint, and they may tell you paint is paint. Ask an Eskimo about snow and they’ll tell you over 50 different types of snow, all with different names! For this post, we’ll be showcasing our expertise on water based paints, and whilst there won’t be 50 different examples, we’ll take you through the colourful, ...

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Waterproofing Basements, Cellars and Stockrooms

“They say there’s treasure in that cellar – mouldy and damp, but treasure all the same!” Many city centre based shops operate with their store room in the basement, and with little scope for major renovation work, they must work with what’s to hand, or available at Rawlins Paints. So, in this featured post we’ll look at waterproofing basements, cellars ...

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Treating Rising Damp

From the Ground Up Tips Treating rising damp goes beyond buying a Leonard Rossiter boxset on Amazon to meet your comedy cravings – it means physically dealing, head-on, with the root cause of a potentially expensive problem. Rising damp is an often misdiagnosed problem and there are many people who believe painting over mould or washing down walls will stop ...

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Satisfying fire regulations for walls and ceilings in communal areas

A Striking Fire Exit

Are you ready to upgrade your walls and ceilings? Or are you starting a new job completely? Either way, it’s time to think about fire safety. If you are undertaking a project that involves communal areas, there are certain regulations you need to adhere to, to ensure fire safety. It’s important that you protect yourself as well as any visitors, ...

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Give Your Building a Facelift

Whether it’s an office, warehouse or residential building, the elements and time can leave the exteriors feeling as though they need a facelift. Read on to find out how to prepare and paint your masonry and give it a new look. Step One: Clean Down In order to achieve the best results, the surface to be painted should be washed ...

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Give Your Workshop a Re-vamp

Workshops are often busy environments, with heavy-duty tools and many projects in the works. You may have noticed your workshop beginning to look tired. But, when you spend so much time working on different projects, you might not feel you have time to give your workshop a re-vamp. If you want to make it feel new again, try these simple ...

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5 Of The Most Inspirational Workplaces

Through the week, most people spend the majority of their time at work. When so much time is spent in one place, it’s no wonder the decor can influence our mood. Nowadays, it’s become more common for business to invest more time and money into their offices, as they realise a good working environment can inspire employees. If employees work ...

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