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Repairs & Maintenance

How to Paint Stainless Steel

Preparing stainless steel prior to painting

Are you looking for ways on how to paint stainless steel, but are finding that the products you are using don’t adhere to the surface? Rawlins Paints take a look at the best stainless steel paints and primers for general users and for application by professionals. Quick Links – Click To Jump To Section: In this article on painting over ...

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How to Paint Galvanised Metal

Galvanised steel enquiries to Rawlins Paints often fall into 1 of 3 categories; those wanting to paint already galvanised steel, repairing damaged galvanising, and those wanting to paint mild steel to be galvanised. Click on a button below to be taken to the relevant section for your requirements or read on! Quick links – click on a title below to ...

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How To Paint Over Powder Coatings

Power coated surfaces are tough to cover over as conventional paints won’t adhere to the surface – our 3-step guide below explains how to save time and money by using Zinsser products to prepare, prime and paint over powder coated surfaces. Quick Links Jump to a section by clicking below: Zinsser Paint Over Powder Coatings Products The Benefits Step 1. ...

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Waterproof Paints – Dispelling the Myths


When looking for a ‘waterproof paint’, you can find yourself in a bit of a minefield. Most paints claim to have some level of waterproofing properties and yes, most paints are waterproof in some way (excluding the sort from nursery you stick on the family fridge). However, there is one critical question that could cause your local vendor to shift ...

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How Rust-Inhibiting Metal Primers Work

An Industrial Guide to Protecting Metal and Steel Surfaces The key to successful application of any high-performance paint system is preparation, and rust-inhibiting metal primers are integral to many maintenance and repair systems across the industrial building, renovation, and commercial property sector. Applying paint directly to unprepared areas can mean that the paint topcoat has nothing to successfully adhere to – ...

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Roof Repair: How to fix a leaking flat roof

Water leaking through the ceiling

The Leaking Flat Roof Repair Guide In December 2015, Rawlins Paints published an article about how to repair your flat roof, and it received great feedback and further requests to do a follow up roof repair article. Who are we to not write about subjects we love? Read that article here. Viewing on mobile? Want to shop the flat roof fixes ...

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How To Ensure Effective And Long-Lasting Concrete Repairs

Most minor concrete repair works can be carried out quickly and simply, by hand, with Sika’s range of concrete repair products for industrial and commercial use here at Rawlins Paints. Concrete surfaces can be found in a variety of situations, often chosen not just for its strength but for ease of use when laying. Concrete may have to withstand tough ...

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How To Paint Interior Mildew Areas

An easy-to-follow 3-step guide for painting over interior mildew, showing you how to prepare and prime the surface for finishing with Zinsser’s decorative Perma-White anti-mildew paint to block fungal degradation. See our blog post “Quick & Cost-Effective Ways To Paint Over Mould” for help with interior mould, and check out our further reading section for more solutions for painting problems. ...

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