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Checklist: for Renovating a New House

Renovating a new house can be exciting and daunting at the same time! If you don’t plan ahead, you’ll find your remodelling gets out of control quickly. By following a checklist, you can make sure that you don’t miss anything important. If you’re renovating, you want to make sure your home looks good all the way through. You’ll only come across problems later which will involve going through the renovating process all over again!


Check you have the right tools

Before you start, make sure you have the right tools for the products you’re using. Think about the brushes, trowels, tape, rollers, etc. that you may need. You might even want to consider an air sprayer or other tools too.

Check your work force

If you’re renovating a new house, there will be a lot of work. Make sure you have enough manpower to complete the task at hand. If it’s a large house, you may want to have the extra help. But, if you’re doing it on your own, or with a small team make sure you plan enough time for you to get your project complete and set yourself goals.


Check your concrete

If you don’t repair and prepare your concrete, you’ll find that with time it becomes cracked and unmanageable. It’ll also be more susceptible to water, which is concretes worst enemy. Use Sikalastic 1K to resurface the concrete and waterproof the surface. Apply Sikalastic 1k with a brush or trowel, to protect your concrete surfaces even if the surface is damp.

Check your insulation

As well as traditional insulation for your interiors, you’ll also want to take it one step further by protecting your walls, ceilings and paint work. Thermilate InsOpaint Interior Emulsion is a heat loss reducing, insulating paint. This means that you’ll use less energy and reduce your heating bills too! Use the paint on your walls and ceilings, where the paint can dramatically reduce (even eliminate) condensation problems by improving insulation and breathability.


Check your roofing

One of the most important parts of any property is the roof. Without the proper protection for your roof, your building will quickly deteriorate. Use an insulating AND waterproofing paint like Thermilate PRO Insulating Roof Coating, to ensure you have the maximum protection. This coating is one of the most durable products on the market today so you’ll know your roof is well-shielded. It’ll completely rejuvenate your roof tiles, so they’ll look good as new. All whilst helping to reduce heat loss in winter or reduce excessive heat in summer, in turn reducing your energy bills. Mentioning you’ve used a good roof coating like this can even increase the value of the property!

Check your tarmac

If you have a tarmac drive or other areas on your property, don’t forget to take good care of those surfaces too. Revive and seal your tarmac with Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer, for a long-lasting finish that will completely revitalise the surface. It will also protect against the re-growth of any moss or algae, which may damage your tarmac. This tarmac reviver and sealer has many other superior qualities which means your tarmac will be preserved.

This checklist should get you started on your renovating journey, but if you have any questions – speak to the experts at Rawlins paints.

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