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Conventional Painting Vs. Paint Sprayers – Which Will Provide the Best Finish?

When you’re looking to repaint a room, not only have you got to choose paint, but also you need to think about how to paint it. There are many different tools that are available for you, let us help you make the choice.

Conventional Painting


Painting with a roller or brush can be an excellent choice for most tasks. You can cover a large surface area with a uniform finish if you take the time to do it properly. A paintbrush is a good choice for getting in corners and around the edges of a room. Rollers have their advantages when it comes to covering a large space.

There are a few negatives to the conventional methods of painting. We don’t think you should write it off completely, but be wary it’s not suitable for every job. If you’re painting a large surface area, it can take a long time to cover it with a brush or even a roller. It can be difficult to be accurate when painting by hand and you might not always get an even coverage. Brushes and rollers do take much more clean up time as well.

Paint sprayers


Using a paint sprayer gives you more freedom to move around and get into nooks and crannies. It’s almost impossible not to get an effortlessly even finish when you are using a paint sprayer. Many people find that they waste less paint and it’s a much more cost-effective way to cover large areas. It’s much faster to use a paint sprayer all while getting a professional finish.

Paint sprayers can have their downsides too. If you don’t follow the instructions and have a good technique you can come across problems. Over-spraying an area will lead to an uneven finish and paint wastage.

Which Paint Sprayer?

If you’d like to try a paint sprayer, we highly recommend Graco EasyMax FF. This pioneer of cordless airless sprayers allows you to move around freely from job to job and paint like a professional.

If you want to know any more about paint sprayers, get in touch for some advice.


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