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Create the Perfect Playroom for Kids in the Workplace

A creche or a children’s playroom can be a huge benefit to any workplace. Employees may struggle for childcare at times, and somewhere safe and exciting in which children can stay, can help staff reduce the time they have to take off. If the office or workplace is somewhere that children visit regularly, such as a shop or doctor’s office, then a playroom is an ideal way to keep them entertained whilst they wait. You can turn almost any room into an exciting place for children to play. Here are a few idea’s to get you started transforming or creating your perfect playroom.

Learning with Colours


Striking a balance between education and play can be difficult. If you want to educate and entertain you need to think creatively. Little minds are easily bored and distracted. There are simple ways to keep this balance by using colour to fuel imagination and learning. You could try using colourful spray paints to help children to learn about colour, and even simply identify shapes. Don’t just stick to primary colours – a dash of rainbow glitter paint can make your learning areas even more fun.

Stars in the Sky


The stars in the sky are just as fascinating to adults as they are children. Space is something children learn about early on making it something they can identify with. Bring space into the playroom by using stencils to create a mini solar system on the walls, ceilings or even floor! With glow in the dark paint you can turn any room into a magical universe with the flick of a switch.

Creative Spaces

Children love to draw, and if you’re not careful they may draw on any surface! Don’t stifle their creativity – use magnetic chalkboard paint.This way you can create large areas for kids to draw on, which can be wiped clean ready for the next use. With the magnets, you could even create charts for the children with a magnet to represent them, such as a growth chart.

Playful Furniture


Furniture for young children does need to be safe – but it can also be playful. Stick with a theme and make your decisions around that. It doesn’t have to be a complicated theme. For example, bright neon paint on various bits of furniture could create a high-energy feel. Soft chalky finish paint can make a room feel more cosy. The colours you go for may ultimately be down to the ages of children present. You could even separate different play areas or age ranges by the colour of the furniture!

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