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Deck-mare: How to Remove Stains from Decking

Summers coming around, so it’s natural those with decking will want to improve it. Even without the approach of summer, stains and unsightly marks will create a deck-mare. It doesn’t have to be such a scary task. In three or four simple steps you can remove stains and make your nightmarish decking more appealing.

Step one: Clean


The best way to start any project like this is to give the area you’re working on a thorough clean first. Cleaning well will help to improve the overall look of the decking too.  Use 108 HD Cleaner & Degreaser for the bulk of your cleaning. This cleaner is heavy duty and will make sure you really remove any grime.

For a deeper clean, follow this up by using Rust-Oleum Mathys AMW Moss Killer to get rid of any unsightly vegetation.

Step two: Protect


If you don’t bother to protect the surface, all your hard work will go to waste! You’ll find that the surface needs cleaning again much faster if you skip this step.  In order to protect your surface from further staining, you’ll need a wood preservative like Blackfriar Exterior Wood Preservative Gold Star.

Use the preservative to protect the decking from issues such as wet rot, dry rot, blue staining and uninvited wood-boring insects. With Blackfriar, you have the option of either a clear or coloured finish so you can decorate and protect!

Step three: Colour (optional)

Decking Satin Removal 5

If colourful decking isn’t your thing then skip this step and move on. However, if you’re looking to inject some colour into your decking, now is the time to do it.

Use a wood stain like Jotun Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain, for a translucent colour that retains the natural beauty of the wood. Added bonus – this particular garden stain will give you 3 years protection after just one coat!

Step four: Finish


Before you rush off to clean and protect your decking, we recommend that you finish with an anti-slip coating.

Decking, especially in wet or icy weather, can become very slippery and hazardous. Blackfriar Anti-Slip Deck Coating will help you to provide a slip-resistant coating with grip from the micro-aggregate. Best of all, it’s clear so you won’t need to worry about it disrupting the colour or texture of your timber.

There you have it, four simple steps for good as new decking. Any questions? Get in touch with Rawlins Paints.

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