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DIY: 10 Upcycling Ideas To Do With The Kids

Kids love to get their hands messy, so it’s no surprise that they want to get involved with DIY from time-to-time. But how can your little angels help mum and dad with decorating? Try some of these DIY ideas and get ready for a creative weekend! The best thing is, that by up-cycling you don’t need to buy new furniture, you can turn old things into something new and spend time with the little ones!



  1. Turn Toy Boxes into Treasure Chests

Want to encourage your kids to store away their toys? Turn an old fabric box or your existing fabric toy box into a treasure chest! Spray paint gold and silver detailing on with Rust-Oleum Flexible Fabric Paint for a real feel of treasure. This paint is designed for fabric so it’s ideal for toy boxes or storage solutions that have a padded fabric top. Make it look exciting!

  1. Get creative with rainbows!

If you use a rainbow spray, you can easily decorate almost anything with a rainbow pattern. Toy-safe Rust-Oleum Glitter (Rainbow Spray) gives you an easy way to add a glitter rainbow shimmer to any project!

  1. Add glittery decorative letters.

It’s easy to make decorative letters and they look great! Try adding some decorative lettering with silver or gold Rust-Oleum Glitter. Use your children’s initials to give it a personal touch.



  1. Create a magical ceiling.

Why not decorate the ceiling?! It’ll get the little ones into bed quicker if they have something fun to look at! Choose star and constellation stencils with your kids and spray them onto the ceiling with Rust-Oleum Glow in the Dark. You can even teach them about space whilst you’re at it!

  1. Decorate bikes and skateboards.

Do you want to make sure your children are safe when they’re out and about on the roads? Of course! If your kids love to get out on their bikes, get them involved with a fun DIY project. Use  Rust-Oleum High Glow Paint to add bright fluorescent stripes or other patterns to their bike or skateboard so they are more visible on the roads.

  1. Create to-do lists.

If you want to get your children involved in household tasks, you might be thinking about creating a rota or reward board. Use Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint to create a rota with the kids! Get them involved in decorating it and maybe even allow them to have an area to draw in chalk in their room.



  1. Create Neon Décor.

Get the kids to gather up some old, large toys that could make an interesting display. If you use Rust-Oleum Neon (Spray) on them, you’ll turn them into funky decorations!

  1. Make Personalised Glasses

If you have a lot of spare glasses hanging around, grab some Rust-Oleum Stained Glass (Spray). It’ll instantly transform any glass by giving it a coloured transparent colour. Let the kids choose their favourite colour so they can have their own personal glass!

  1. Make an arts and achievements wall

If your kids are bringing home more drawings and awards than you can manage, designate a wall where you’d like to display them. Then use Rust-Oleum Magnetic Primer to transform the surface into a magnetic one! The kids can then choose their favourite art and awards to display!



  1. Bring the outdoors, inside

If your children love the outdoors, then why not bring it inside? You can get really creative with Rust-Oleum Stone and use it to decorate fake rocks and even add textures to outdoor scenery art on the walls!

We hope you’re feeling creative now! Let these ideas inspire a crafty weekend with the kids.

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